Our API allows you to access selected BuzzSumo data in a structured format so that you can easily integrate it into your own applications. Doesn’t sound like what you’re after? Check out the BuzzSumo web app instead.

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Standard API

The majority of data you see in the web application is available via our standard API. This makes it ideal for:

  • Building internal reporting tools
  • Fetching share counts for URLs
  • Reporting software and client dashboards
  • Publishers, tracking performance of content on your domain
  • Lot’s more!



API access starts at $500 / month.


We’ve strived to make the BuzzSumo simple and easy to use so you can get started as quickly as possible. You can view the API documentation here http://buzzsumo.com/knowledge/buzzsumo-api/. Please get in contact if you have any questions about using the API, we’re happy to help!

Sample responses

Click here to download a zip of sample responses for all major endpoints. You can use these as test data to start developing without a key, the real API returns the same fields so when you want to go live you can just swap the files for real calls to the API and everything should work.


Get Started Today

If you're interested in getting a trial of the BuzzSumo API then please get in touch with us via email at help@buzzsumo.com - we usually respond within an hour.