Delivering a data analysis that both motivates and enables marketers to take action is where the rubber meets the road in analytics.

It’s where analysts deliver marketing analytics value to our teams, clients or executives. It’s where we help them make informed marketing decisions that can lead to exponential growth. It’s a data-centered hero’s journey.

Let’s consider two different analysts. Rupertus and Anna-Lisa.

Rupertus’ team wants to know how a campaign or website performed.

To provide that data, Rupert must put long hours into measurement setup. Then, when asked, he’ll pull numbers, translate them into charts, and eventually send his lengthy report.

Throughout the process, he’s married to his laptop, putting long hours into busting out charts while skipping family dinners, an entire season of Game of Thrones, and once, a ski vacation.

Despite all that sweat and tears, Rupertus’ team members aren’t his biggest fans. His answers to their …