In BuzzSumo’s Content Trends report, author Steve Rayson found that authoritative content and original research are the two types of content most likely to get links and shares.

While the web is filled with how-to content on how to create how-to content, there are markedly fewer insights available on how to create original research. 

This is why we teamed up with Mantis Research for the second year to study if and how marketers are using original research. This year we not only looked at the industry as a whole, but we also dug in to understand how marketers are using survey-based research. Thanks to the nearly 650 marketers who participated! 

You can read the full study; but below you’ll find the key takeaways, to get you started. 

In the past 12 months, 39% of marketers published original research 

First off, we wanted to track what percentage of marketers

Of all the goals you have for your content, the most important is engagement.

Sure, traffic is great, but if your content doesn’t engage that traffic, you won’t see the results you were after.

While many options exist, interactive content is designed with the sole purpose of grabbing your visitors’ attention and keeping it until they are satisfied. Fortunately, with the help of an interactive content marketing platform, it’s never been easier to produce this kind of valuable content.  

4 Examples Interactive Content Marketing Platform

Furthermore, there are only four main types of interactive content you need to consider for your website. Better still, with the right interactive content marketing platform, just about anyone can create an engaging example quickly and, often times, for free.

1. Quizzes

Maybe the most popular form of interactive content is the basic quiz. They’re simple to create and take.

Yet, quizzes can produce …

It takes an impressive skill set to be successful as a content marketer these days.

Everything from copywriting chops to an eye for formatting to command over the latest-and-greatest platforms is required to consistently create content that wins over your market again and again.

One skill that is especially important is knowing how to effectively conduct content discovery, the process by which you look at what’s already working in your market, so you can do something similar.

Right now, it’s never been more important that marketers understand how to do this to create the best possible interactive content.

Why Interactive Has Become a Vital Investment

Online content can have a number of different jobs, but it can’t accomplish any of them without first achieving the most important goal of all: engagement.

Even a keyword-optimized blog that attracts traffic isn’t successful unless it can also keep that traffic on the …