Reddit is a wonderful, messy, terrifying, unpredictable, and often misunderstood place.

Its users are famously hostile towards marketers, and yet as the 4th most popular website in the US, it presents irresistible opportunities to reach huge, often highly targeted, audiences. Content marketers want to know how to drive traffic with Reddit.

The good news: despite it being a notoriously difficult environment to gain traction in, content marketers can certainly find success on the platform. You can create Reddit spikes, if you do it carefully. For Brandwatch it’s a huge source of traffic and one that doesn’t cost us anything.

Brandwatch’s Reddit results

I am Brandwatch’s in-house social data journalist, and I turn data into stories as part of the Brandwatch React project. React content deals with pop culture, politics and current affairs, so I spend a lot of my time identifying trending topics, gathering data on them, visualizing the data