In a world of instant gratification, technology, and machine learning, it’s never before been easier to craft media lists and send media pitches. In a matter of seconds, you can have a list of hundreds of journalists and bloggers who “cover” your topic. All you have to do is download the list, craft an email, and hit send.

Easy peasy, right? Sure is! If you want to fail miserably and have almost no success.

You may get one or two people to bite on your pitch, but percentage-wise, that’s less than one percent. And I know I would much rather have 100 percent success than one percent.

Wouldn’t you?

You can! But it’s not through sending one email to hundreds of journalists and bloggers.

Craft an unbeatable media relations pitch and send it to just a handful of outlets & blogs.

Not only will you have success, the articles placed …