How To Create High Converting Landing (1)

Increasing your landing page’s conversion rate is one of those tasks that never gets signed off of your marketing team’s Trello board.

While most blog posts discuss landing page optimization, or how to build a high converting landing page focusing on structure and Unique Selling Proposition, I want to focus on how you can increase conversion rates by creating landing pages based on your social media and Google Analytics.

I’m writing this post assuming that you are already executing a content marketing strategy or planning to launch one soon. If not, you really should. Companies utilizing a content marketing strategy generate about 3 times more leads than traditional outbound marketing, but costs 62% less.

So, let’s get to work so can you start generating more quality leads.

More Landing Pages Can Mean 6X More Leads

Most companies don’t use landing pages as an ongoing strategy but as something you …

If you’ll list the 3 things every content marketer struggles with, the top 3 would probably be:

  1. Time
  2. Getting new ideas for content
  3. Promoting their content.

While adding more hours to the day is still beyond human reach, methods for getting new content ideas is something that is totally doable.

The content marketer’s real challenge in creating content is the combination of large quantities of content in a short period of time and keeping it relevant to the target audience and engaging.

So how do you come up with tons of content ideas that will be read and shared by thousands of users every time? You use data.…