How would you like to become a social media marketing superhero? You get to save the world from ineffective social media marketing. And wear interesting clothes.

We were delighted to join HubSpot, Link Humans and Brandwatch in creating a free ebook that will help you to:

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Content formats have a major impact on social sharing. However, this impact varies significantly from area to area. If you are creating content about kitchens or gardens then list posts and images are shared far more than other formats. Whilst if you creating content about carp fishing then videos are shared 100 times more than any other format. I have outlined below how to identify the content formats that work in your industry …

buzz sumoLots of content marketers entered the ring this year. But who was still standing at the end? Which authors and posts had the most impact on your thinking? Which posts did you share with your colleagues?

We have been analyzing this year’s social data with the help of our new Top Author Report to produce our first league table of the sumos that are making the most buzz. We call them the Buzz Sumos. For no reason.…

To improve search rankings for content “it is no longer good enough to concentrate on the number of links or keywords” says the latest SearchMetrics Report, Ranking Factors Study 2014. The study concludes that high quality, relevant content with semantically comprehensive wording is the way to improve your SEO rankings but “the absolute primary focus for content … is quality.”…

Content marketers have limited time and resources, to be effective they have to focus on the content that works. The content that engages, that resonates and that leads to conversions. It is no longer good enough to focus your strategy on what you ‘think’ works or even what the highest paid person in the organisation (HiPPO) thinks. It about what the data tells you and the hard evidence about what works. We take a look at how data driven decisions improve performance and six ways content intelligence can be applied to improve your content marketing. …