One of the biggest questions on all marketers’ minds in 2018 was, “How do we get more Facebook engagement for our brand?” With this guide, we aim to help you unlock that answer with data insights from one of our most significant Facebook data studies yet.

As you know, at BuzzSumo we love discovering insights from big data. This year we’ve decided again to dig deep into the king of social networks, Facebook, and see what insights we could gather to help businesses just like yours.

We looked at 777 Million Facebook posts to find the most engaging pages, brands, and videos for 2018.

Facebook reach continues to drop across the board for businesses. Everyone is clamoring to unlock the “secrets” to successful content on Facebook. Study after study has proven that one of the most significant factors in Facebook’s ranking algorithm is engagement.

If your Facebook posts get …

We live in a world of content overload, and interactive content is one way marketers try to stand out. However, not all interactive content is created equal; and do-it-yourself tools have lowered the barriers to producing interactive content. Unfortunately, easy to produce does not always mean quality.

In the past two years, the number of interactive posts has increased by 33 percent, but the average number of shares has fallen by 62 percent.

In this post, we’ll look at examples of engaging interactive content, particularly posts that have gotten far more than the average number of shares.

We’ve have grouped these twenty examples into four broad categories as follows:

  • Quizzes
  • Calculators and tools
  • Interactive visuals
  • Other timelines, sliders and more

As we looked at these interactive examples, several takeaways emerged. They can be applied to interactive or other types of content. If you want to go straight to the …

Effective content marketing grows from a deep understanding of the competition we face for our audience’s attention. Efficiently choosing the best topics to write about can have a positive impact on ROI.

We think that social shares are a great proxy for interest because they easily reflect what people find worthwhile and engaging.

BuzzSumo’s Content Analyzer now offers an easy way to use social share data to compare up to 10 topics, quickly revealing which are more saturated with content and therefore competitive, and which have higher audience engagement.

Here are five great ways to use social engagement data to choose content marketing topics:

1. Find the content topic your audience is most interested in

If you have two related topics in mind, write about the one that gets more average engagements on social media. You knew that already, though. 😊 The problem has always been in quickly sorting ideas …

We’ve been to the ThinkContent conference in London, but this was BuzzSumo’s first time to join the standing room only crowd for NewsCred’s signature event in Manhattan. I was unsure of what to expect from a one-day meet-up, but the conference delivered multiple insights at a quick pace.

One theme dominated the sessions: ROI.

Almost every presenter talked about the importance of tying content to business goals. Read on for a few other points that stood out to me. 

Key takeaways from ThinkContent 2018:

    • Tie Content To Revenue
    • Diversity Needs To Be Intentional
    • Repurpose Globally
    • Stand Out
    • Choose Your Conversations. Tell Your Stories
    • Ditch The Sales Funnel
    • The Gratitude KPI

Intentional Diversity

Shafqat Islam, Co-founder and CEO, Newscred, issued a clear non-verbal statement. He took the stage for the keynote wearing a “The Future is Female” t-shirt. And he ended the day with a report on the percentage of

In early 2018, we joined forces with Mantis Research to survey nearly 700 marketers from around the world. We wanted to discover:

  • Whether or not they had published original research in the past
  • Whether or not they planned to continue doing so
  • What results they saw from publishing original research

At BuzzSumo, the most engaging blog posts we’ve ever written are based on original research. One example is our article We Analyzed 100 Million Headlines. Here’s What We Learned (New Research), which has gotten more than 13.3k social interactions since it was published in June 2017.

However, we weren’t sure if the value we see in conducting and publishing research-based posts was unique to us. Our new report proves that it’s not. 

The State of Original Research for Marketing 2018 report shows that marketers from many industries rely on publishing original research as part of their strategy. And, original

The news is out: Social Shares Are Falling.

Mark Schaefer predicted early on that rising publication volumes would squeeze audience attention dry, lowering social shares whenever topics became saturated with content. 

When he suggested that we gather a group at Social Media Marketing World to discuss the impact of Content Shock and the 2018 Content Trends Report, we were eager to join in.

Here’s a summary of the trends we talked about, and what we learned.

If you’d like the full Content Trends Report, download it for free.

Trend: Falling Page Views

For the first time last year, the number of page views on WordPress when down. 

Content Statistics Falling WordPress Views

Mark Schaefer
Mark Schaefer

Mark sums up the challenge for content marketers well. “One of the best practices in our field is to see when a topic starts to be hot, then pile on with more content,” he says. “That is absolutely the wrong

The power of your content marketing doesn’t rest on ideas. It rests on ideas that appeal to your audience. If you lack ideas, you will lack content. If you lack ideas that grab the attention of your audience, you will lack READERS.

How do you keep a fresh supply of ideas that have reader appeal?

We asked 9 experts to give us a detailed look at their tips for developing content ideas, then we tried them. At the end of our research, we had 27 topics on our list of content ideas. You can see them (and download the spreadsheet) here.

The ideas, and our process, as well as some bonus tips and lazy day hacks will keep you writing, and more importantly, keep your audience engaged.

Barry Feldman

Content Marketer, Author, Copywriter

Create How To Posts From Best Selling Marketing Books Using
Books, particularly those on Amazon, fuel

In a contest of content engagement, professional wresting site wins decisively over sports titans like,, and entertainment giant Game of Thrones.

WWE jumped onto our radar screen when we began to notice that the site’s content appeared daily in BuzzSumo’s trending dashboard. Only content that is shared very rapidly is designated as trending, and WWE took a slot in the top 20 from across the entire web almost every day.

Interest piqued, we took a look at the data, analyzing 482,000 entertainment and sports headlines, looking for clues to the WWE’s success.

We shared the results with Content Marketing Institute. Read the full report here.

Here’s a summary of WWE’s content characteristics:

  • Social share button placement
  • Masterful storytelling
  • Female characters
  • Importance of images
  • Emotional attachment with fans
  • Less-is-more content strategy
  • Content length that works best for WWE
  • Headline words and phrases that drive shares

Because video drives shares on Facebook, we wanted to find out more about the types of videos that grab viewers’ attention. Facebook describes these compelling videos well.

They are Thumb-Stopping.

To identify common features of highly shared videos, we used the BuzzSumo Facebook Analyzer to look at 3000 videos with a high number of shares, likes, and comments. All of them were posted during the last 12 months.

BuzzSumo Facebook Analyzer

The average interactions–shares, likes, and comments– for these videos ranged from 228,723 to an astounding 8.4 million, with a median of 752,737.

One thing that surprised me in the data was that average and median shares were higher than average and median comments.

My hypothesis is that videos may be especially viral in nature…not so much something we comment on, but something we pass on to friends. This definitely needs more research. (I’d love to hear about your experiences with shares

It’s tempting to love our blog posts so much that we expect others to find and share them automatically. We produce blog posts and display them for the world to see, without thinking about the content amplification strategy . But how often are those posts seen? Your content is competing for attention with millions of others published every day.

Publishing quality content, even beautiful content, is not enough. You need to have an amplification strategy to ensure your content reaches your audience.

We recently asked Barry Feldman, consultant, copywriter, and author of The Road To Recognition, to deliver a lesson on amplification on a BuzzSumo webinar. Below I’ve set out the amplification strategies he shared, along with a series of questions from the marketers who attended the webinar and answers from Barry and Steve Rayson.

Key Takeaways

  • Content amplification is the process and practice of drawing attention to your