Last year, I wrote a piece reflecting on our first year as content marketers at GetApp. As an editorial team writing about tips and trends in the software market, we’re part of a larger marketplace that helps business find software. The team started in 2015 as a group of writers suspicious of content marketing. After a year full of trials and tribulations, we were able to take away some key content marketing lessons. Here’s a quick recap:

  1. Define your purpose: We couldn’t compete with the big news sites on breaking news, and learned to stick to what we do best– industry trends and insights that, while still timely, don’t necessarily need to be published at the break-neck speed of breaking news.
  2. Amplification is key: Without the right (or any) contributors, our content was lacking exposure. We learned that it’s important to find relevant contributors to amplify a piece of content

I’m relatively new to content marketing. I started at GetApp, a marketplace for cloud-based business apps, about a year ago as a trained writer being inadvertently thrown into what– for a trained writer– can be the contemptuous world of content marketing. Uncoincidentally (our CEO was very keen on hiring writers, not content marketers), the entire editorial team at GetApp came from the same strong writing background. In fact, we all came from the same company and started at GetApp around the same time with the challenge of rebranding and relaunching the blog.

But give four doe-eyed, journalistically-minded writers the task of re-launching a content marketing blog, and you’ll run into problems.

We went through a lot of ups and downs in the process of trying to create brand awareness and authority for GetApp via our blog, the GetApp Lab. Through these mistakes, we learned some valuable lessons about defining …