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Published October 18th 2023

Why BuzzSumo Is The New Meltwater Alternative For PR And Outreach

Meltwater has long been a go-to media intelligence platform for PR teams. But as the landscape evolves, and with the release of our new Media Database and outreach tools, BuzzSumo is quickly becoming a real challenger to the existing options for PRs. 

In this blog, we’ll look at key reasons why BuzzSumo should be on your radar as a serious alternative to Meltwater for your digital PR strategy.

All the essentials in one place

A big differentiator for BuzzSumo is providing an all-in-one PR suite out of the box. From ideation to monitoring to measuring results, BuzzSumo bundles the essential capabilities into packaged plans rather than Meltwater’s build-your-own model.

This integrated approach streamlines workflow, saving you the headache of piecing together modules and systems. For teams that want an easy-to-use, comprehensive solution – without the complex setup – BuzzSumo delivers.


Meltwater offers broader monitoring capabilities, monitoring keyword mentions across: 

  • Broadcast 
  • Social media 
  • Online news 
  • Print media 
  • Podcasts 

While a great option for large companies looking for a complete overview of all of their mentions, this suite goes beyond the core needs of digital PR teams. 

For online monitoring, BuzzSumo shines, tracking content across 4.8 million domains/publishers, compared to Meltwater’s 270,000 online news sources. This means you'll never miss a mention with BuzzSumo's comprehensive Alerts.

Media Database breakdown 

Access to BuzzSumo’s Media Database means 700K+ journalists, with 330K + monthly profile updates, and article performance data going back five years. This means you have access to a wide range of writers, covering over 150K topics, with data that is always up to date, and unmatched insights for hyper-personalized pitching and list building.

Meltwater’s database includes 360K contacts, with recent articles (one year of data), focusing more on contact management rather than surfacing content analytics and engagement data that really allows PRs to deeply research interests and performance to form better connections with key journalists. 

This deeper level of insight enables better targeting and relevance in outreach. As journalists’ #1 requirement, insight into relevant stories and topics is invaluable. 

Learn more about using journalist content to win coverage and pitching journalists like a pro.


Between AI-assisted pitching and unified workflow, BuzzSumo streamlines creating, sending, and reporting on high-impact personalized pitches easier than ever. 

Meltwater offers robust press release distribution but falters when it comes to advanced personalized outreach capability.

Data to drive strategy from start to finish

Here’s where BuzzSumo goes far beyond any alternative - equipping you with data-driven insights throughout campaign development, not just execution.

BuzzSumo offers detailed journalist profile cards next to each media contact, allowing PR professionals to easily customize their pitch emails to each individual journalist.

BuzzSumo’s Content Analyzer reveals high-performing headlines, topics, and stories so you can identify promising angles, justify ideas, and tailor pitches backed by real social engagement data. 

This means you can pitch writers with their own KPIs in mind. 

Digging into their article performance allows you to pitch with confidence, drawing on the stories that have brought them the most success in the past. 

This ensures your story will be the most appealing pitch that lands in their inbox. 

Affordable access for any team

BuzzSumo offers transparent pricing, with plans for PR teams starting at just $239/month. If you’ve ever asked the question ‘How much does Meltwater cost?’’re not alone.

Meltwater’s pricing is not transparent on their website – you’ll need to speak to salesperson to get a quote. Despite this, they are known to offer a build-your-own model across products, with some estimates for plans sitting at around $8,000 per year. However, with add-on monitoring, distribution, and database access, totals can reach $25,000 annually or more.

For PR teams, BuzzSumo provides exceptional value – and you can try the entire platform free for 30 days. That means there’s no need for long calls with pushy salespeople – we like to let you decide if we’re the right platform for you.

The smarter choice

While Meltwater remains a solid player, BuzzSumo stands out as today’s smarter choice for PR teams ready to elevate outreach, harness data, and work smarter. The all-in-one approach, unparalleled insights, simplified workflow, and affordable plans give BuzzSumo the winning edge.

To see how BuzzSumo stacks up against other leading PR tools, check out our Muck Rack alternative blog.

If you’re ready to start researching journalists, building media lists, forming real connections, and monitoring your brand sign up for your 30-day free trial.

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