Published May 20th 2019

How to Drive 10x Website Traffic Using Buzzsumo

Do you want to drive more traffic to your

In this article and accompanying video,
you’ll learn the step-by-step approach we’ve implemented to consistently
generate up to 10x our average daily website traffic.

Website traffic is the online version of
potential customers walking into your shop. More people means more eyeballs on
your products and services.

How Will This Website Traffic Strategy Benefit You?

We’ve been implementing this strategy since the start of 2016 and it has consistently generated up to 10x our daily average website traffic. I don’t want to be one of those marketers that “guarantees” results that sound too good to be true, but from our experience, this strategy works every time.

In addition to the obvious website traffic increase, this strategy also opens up opportunities to:

✅ Build
relationships with influential people in your industry

✅ Increase
your credibility by being mentioned by influential people online

✅ Increase
your own online influence

✅ Learn
from the most influential people in your industry

The image below shows the spikes in website
traffic we got when implementing this strategy recently with the following

Website Traffic Spikes When KPS Digital Marketing Implemented This Strategy

Is the Strategy?

The strategy is focused around creating an article which lists the most influential people/brands in a relevant niche, reaching out to the influential people/brands to let them know they made the list, and then waiting for your traffic to skyrocket once they share your article to their large online audiences.

Ultimately, the strategy works because it’s human nature to want to share our achievements. In the current age of YouTubers and social media influencers, being “influential” online is perceived to be a pretty big achievement.

Imagine how you’d feel being listed in the “Top 100” list of influential people/brands in your niche — in the world! You’d find it hard not to share the article. We’re all prone to a humblebrag every now and again.

How to Implement This Website Traffic Building Strategy

Step #1: Identify a Relevant Influencer List Niche

To gain the most value from this strategy,
you need to create a list of influencers around a topic that is relevant to
you/your brand. If you run a tech company, it would be pretty odd to create a
list of the most influential gardeners in the world.

One of the easiest ways to identify an influencer list niche is to simply create a list around the industry you work in. It could be “The Top 100 Most Influential Manufacturers/Bankers/Farmers” etc.

The only trouble with this is that most
people have created these broad lists before. This is why niching down even
further can work really well.

For example, if you work in the food industry, you could narrow the influencer list topic down to one of the following:

Ⓥ Vegans

? Vegetarians

?‍? Chefs (could narrow further to the type of chef)

? Food

? Food

▷ Food YouTube channels

Step #2: Identify Influencers Using Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo has a handy Influencer Identification Tool that allows you to type in keywords and identify the most influential Twitter accounts based on a variety of metrics that demonstrate an account’s influence.

Screenshot of Buzzsumo’s Influencer Identification Tool

I won’t get into the technicalities, but the ranking is based on the relevancy of Elasticsearch. If you’re a bit of a geek like me and want to understand a bit more about Elasticsearch, watch the video below.

To identify influencers on your chosen topic, simply type in the keyword in the box provided and click “Search.”


Screenshot of Where to Type Keyword in Buzzsumo’s Influencer Identification Tool

Step #3: Export the Data

Once the search results appear, an “Export” button pops up next to the “Search” button. Click “Export” and export the data as an Excel or CSV file.

Screenshot of the Button Used to Export Data from Buzzsumo’s Influencer Identification Tool

Step #4: Create a Well-Formatted Table

Once you open up the spreadsheet, it will
look like The Matrix, but don’t panic. What we need to do with all this data is
decide which columns we would like to add in a nice table that we can paste
into our article.

Now, what you include in the table is up to you. Ask yourself two questions when deciding:

  1. What can I include that will
    make it more likely for the influencers to share the article?
  2. What can I include that will
    help easily communicate what the table is?

Below is a screenshot of the data we include: Rank, Twitter, Name, Page Authority, Reply Ratio, Retweet Ratio, and URL Share Ratio.

Influencer List Table Headings KPS Digital Marketing Use

Once you’ve decided your headings, delete
any unwanted data and format the table. We make the column headers bold and use
capital letters, and also link the Twitter usernames to the listed influential
account’s Twitter page (this increases the likelihood of them sharing the


Formatted Influencer List Table

Step #5: Create the Influencer List Article to Build Website Traffic

Once you have created the influencer list
table, you can put together the article on your website. It’s important to
include certain things in your article to boost the chances of the influential
accounts sharing it.

Firstly, take a look at the examples below
for inspiration and then go through the list of items below to ensure you
include them in your article.

Example 1: Digital Marketing 2019: Top 100 Influencers

Example 2: Social Media Marketing 2019: Top 100 Influencers

Example 3: Top 100 Most Influential UK & USA Mummy Bloggers

Example 4: Top 10 Agriculture Influencers

Example 5: Top 100 Digital Marketers 2018

Step #6: Explain the Methodology Behind the List

I want to let you in on a little secret. A lot of “Top Influencer Lists” you see out there, even ones on the most credible websites, are nothing more than a list of people the contributor has chosen.

I wrote about this in this article, “Fake Influencers: Are You a Fake Influencer?” and it’s still a big problem today. Most of these lists are not backed up by data.

That’s why it’s so important to use an
influencer identification tool like Buzzsumo and explain your methodology. It
provides a level of credibility to the list.

Below is an example of how we explain the
methodology when we use Buzzsumo.

Example Influencer List Methodology Explanation

Step #7: Include Images of the Listed Influential Accounts

If you include images of the influential people/brands, they are more likely to share the article. It’s kind of like when Starbucks’ baristas write your name on a cup. It makes you feel more special than if they just verbally said, “This is your coffee.”

We include these images in the header
image, social share images, and thumbnails.


Example Header Image

Step #8: Link Back to the Influential Account’s Profile/Website for More Traffic to Your Site

You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours?
Linking back to the listed accounts provides them value and ultimately makes it
more likely that they’ll share the article.


Example of How to Link Back to Listed Accounts Profiles

Step #9: Make It Easy to Share

Utilizing a mobile responsive social share tool like Sumo and adding Click to tweet links throughout the article make sharing the article a walk in the park. Again, this makes it more likely to be shared by the influential accounts listed.


Example of How to Make Your Article Easy to Share

Step #10: Contact Influential Accounts that Have Been Listed

This step is the most important of them
all. You need to personally reach out to every account that has been listed and
congratulate them.

Personally, I would not recommend asking them to share the article, people don’t like being told what to do. We’ve found sending a DM to the account on Twitter works the best, but you could email, message, etc.

“Content marketing is all about providing value, so focus on the same with influencers: give them something before you ask for shares in return.”

Susan Moeller

Below is an example message we’ve sent in
the past.

Hey [first name]! We used [influencer identification tool] to identify the Top 100 [influencer list topic] in [year], you made it on the list! You can find the full list here: [insert link to list] Congrats! – [your name]


Example Outreach Message


This strategy works. If you’re looking for
a proven strategy to consistently deliver more traffic to your website, give
this a go. Why not tweet me a link
to your article when it’s published and let me know how much traffic it
generated. ?


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