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Published July 29th 2019

How To Find The Most Shared Facebook Posts For Your Industry

“Sharing is caring.”

We were all taught this as children, but when it comes to Facebook marketing, sharing is one of the most important results your posts can possibly achieve. It means other people are helping to market your company – absolutely free.

That’s one of the reasons we created our Facebook Analyzer tool: so, you never have to leave your content’s shareability to chance.

4 Steps to Use Our Facebook Analyzer to Increase Your Posts’ Shares

Driving more shares isn’t just great for gaining more attention on Facebook, either. More shares can also mean more organic traffic from search engines, too. As Sharon Hurley Hall explains, “…there’s plenty of evidence that social signals such as likes and shares ARE related to your ranking.”

So, a social media strategy that focuses on shares will impact SEO, too.

We designed our Facebook Analyzer tool to give users all the information they need for these kinds of powerful posting strategies, while still making it incredibly easy to quickly utilize. So, while the interface is extremely user-friendly, it’s actually tapping into a database of more than two billion Facebook posts with two million more being added every single day.

That’s why no Facebook marketing strategy should be without it.

Here are the four simple steps you can take to add it to yours in no time.

  1. Decide What Topics You Want to Research
  2. Discover What Type of Content Earns the Most Shares
  3. Drill Down into the Details About Popular Types of Content
  4. Check Out Some of the Most-Shared Posts


Decide What Topics You Want to Research

You can use the Facebook analyzer tool to dive into any topic relevant to your industry simply by typing in a relevant keyword that describes it.

If you’ve already been posting on Facebook for some time, you probably have a fairly good idea of which topics are doing best.

So, you could start with subcategories for those to get a better sense of what you should be posting about for even more shares.

However, let’s say you’re just starting out. Your company works in cyber security, so you’d begin with that search term in the Facebook Analyzer. Under Analysis, you’d find:

With just one simple search, we already have a lot of information to work with. In fact, if all you did was run that initial search, and then use this report to shape your posting strategy going forward, you’d probably be in great shape.

Still, we can use the Facebook Analyzer tool to better build this strategy for increased engagement.

Discover What Type of Content Earns the Most Shares

Success on Facebook takes more than just knowing which topics your market likes most. It takes understanding how they want to consume that information, too. If you don’t present it just the way they like, you probably have a competitor who would be more than happy to do

Right below the two line charts, you’ll find, “Average Engagements per Post Type”:

For our purposes, we only care about the green graphs, as they represent shares.

Considering how popular Facebook giveaways have become, perhaps it’s not surprising to see how well they’re doing in the cybersecurity industry.

But as you’re just starting out, maybe you’re also running a little lean, too. In that case, the next best type of post for Facebook is video. Again, this might not be too surprising. Facebook video ads do exceptionally well on the platform.

That would be the logical place to start with your Facebook posts, then.

Fortunately, we can do a lot more than just recognize that videos do well for the cyber security industry.

Drill Down into the Details About Popular Types of Content

To begin this next step, choose the status type you want to research further. In this case, it’s video:

Facebook Analyzer’s report looks very different now:

This shows us a lot of helpful information we can use when creating our posts.

For one thing, we have a brand-new benchmark.
Videos receive an average of 90 engagements in the cyber security industry. That’s quite a bit more than the average for all content types (70), so that’s good information to have. Otherwise, we would have set our sights too low and then been disappointed once we reached them.

We can also see that our posts will stand the best chance of more shares if we include at least 300 words. Compared to the other four options, shares really take off at that point. They’re actually double the amount of what we’d expect at 250-300 words, so, again, this is extremely valuable data.

The same dramatic contrast exists for the best days to post, as well.

On Saturdays, videos about “cybersecurity” receive 42 shares, on average. That is a lot more than any other day. Second place is Friday with 14. Third place is Sunday with 13. Fourth is Tuesday with 12. Combined they don’t equal the average for Saturday, despite the fact that many marketers would assume that weekends would be the worst possible time to post about business topics.

Finally, the best time to post videos for maximum shares is at 7pm UTC.

This chart also shows something very interesting because the most average shares don’t correspond with the most average likes, which takes place at noon. If you assumed that the two would share the same best time for posting, you might settle for smaller amounts of shares simply because you assume noon is the best time to post.

By using our Facebook Analyzer tool, you’d have proof that you could actually do much better simply by taking the same post and publishing it later.

4. Check Out Some of the Most-Shared Posts

Finally, click over to “Search” and take a look at what some of the best-performing Facebook posts for your industry are about:

All you have to do at this point is to take the information you’ve gathered from the last three steps and use it to create posts similar to those that are already doing well.

Add these types of posts to your Facebook strategy and watch your shares take off.

Boost Shares Immediately Using Our Facebook Analyzer Tool

The simplest way to earn more shares with each and every one of your Facebook posts is by looking at what’s already working.

With our Facebook Analyzer tool, you can do this in a matter of minutes. Give it a try with a free seven-day trial of BuzzSumo and start creating more shareable posts right away.


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