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Published April 8th 2020

How To Use Facebook Audience Insights for Content Creation

Get ready to do some reconnaissance with the Facebook Audience Insights tool! Learn how to build personas with data and create content your audience will love. Many of us may not realize, however, that the Facebook Audience Insights Tool is an untapped gold mine for content creation ideas.

We log onto Facebook every day to post from our pages, run sponsored posts, and connect with our audience.

As of December 2019, Facebook reported nearly 2.5 billion active users – almost a third of the world population!

Through Facebook’s mission to make its platform as friendly as possible to advertisers, Facebook has made plenty of its audience insights accessible to anyone with a business page.

Here’s a look at the hottest topics for December:

Source: Facebook

We aren’t limited to exploring insights for our own audience either: We can find new audiences, markets, and content ideas too.

Here’s what we’ll be covering:

  1. Using the Facebook Audience Insights Tool to Find Popular Pages
  2. Using Facebook Audience Insights and BuzzSumo to Answer Questions

How to Use the Facebook Audience Insights Tool and BuzzSumo for Content Creation

Head over to the Facebook Audience Insights tool, and it will forward you to your specific account. Facebook will prompt you to select insights for either all of Facebook or people connected to your page.

For our purposes here, let’s create some personas to explore new audiences for our content creation.


Let’s say we’re trying to create some fresh content for a fitness website. We’ve run through our own audience, and we’ve reached a dead end with our content.

We could start by plugging a persona into the Facebook Audience Insights tool. We’re targeting women in Denver, Colorado between the ages of 18 and 34 who:

  • Have at least one child
  • Are college-educated
  • Are interested in yoga, physical fitness, and running
  • Moved to Denver from somewhere else

The Facebook Audience Insights tool spits out a bunch of awesome information for us to work with:

Source: Facebook

Wow! Tons of great suggestions for clothing brand pages to check out. REI, Colorado Threads, ModCloth, Free People, Fabletics, and TOMS would be beautiful places to start.

We could also consider some crossover content from The Honest Company, Aveda, or BIRCHBOX.

Interestingly, it looks like this demographic appreciates some comedy – note the interest in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Chelsea Handler. We could consider that as we decide on a tone for our content.

Finally, we can also see that they like tubing. Maybe we could help them find the perfect shorts or swimsuit for tubing with a blog post.

Using Facebook Audience Insights and BuzzSumo to Answer Questions

The secret behind engaging content is answering those burning questions.

Sometimes, our audience may not even realize they needed the questions answered until they see our awesome content.

Going back to our reconnaissance from the Facebook Audience Insights tool, we remember that our Denver moms love tubing. Let’s go over to the BuzzSumo Question Analyzer and run a search for tubing to see what comes up.

Source: BuzzSumo

We should pay close attention to the third question here: “Are there any dangerous parts of the river?” for Cane River tubing.

Since we’re trying to target Denver moms with our content, we could run some blogs about the best tubing destinations in Colorado for kids or families. We could also put together some tips about tubing with kids.

Let’s run another question search for “Colorado tubing,” but look at Related Themes this time.

Source: BuzzSumo

In the winter months, it may be smart for us to run some blog posts about the best sledding destinations for moms who have just moved to Denver. Remember, we ran our Facebook Audience Insights search on moms who live in Denver but didn’t grow up there so some basic lists or videos on sledding could be a great start.

Get audience insights from Facebook page data

For more audience intel, we can even dive into the Facebook page analytics of competitor pages in BuzzSumo's Facebook Page Analyzer, to unearth their most engaging post types.

For example, from the chart below we can see that US "Tubing" brands "Pigeon Forge Snow" and "Perfect North Slopes" have successfully engaged their audiences through the use of videos.

Therefore, it might be wise for us to factor video content into our own Facebook strategy.

Start Digging for Ideas Now

BuzzSumo’s Question Analyzer searches tons of forums like Quora, Reddit, and Yahoo Answers so you can run the searches you need to gather intel on your audience in less time. Create content for your audience they can’t wait to read and share with their friends.

Take BuzzSumo for a spin now with a free trial – no strings attached!

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