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Published November 2nd 2015

What Are The Lessons From The Best 2015 Halloween Facebook Posts?

To identify the best Halloween posts for Facebook, we tracked 267 million interactions with posts in October 2015.  We wanted to learn from this year’s best Halloween posts for Facebook so that we could plan Halloween Social Media posts and other holidays in the years to come. 


Best Halloween Posts For Facebook

The top content this year included posts about costumes, cakes, candy, make-up and quizzes. The three best Halloween post for Facebook were as follows.

These three posts are different formats but they are all of a type that generally do well on social media. Top is the Obligatory Cat in a Costume. There should be a word for that. The BuzzFeed post appeals to our emotions and is great storytelling. It’s is about a boy wanting to be a princess on Halloween. The final video is pure entertainment highlighting some of the best and most amusing Halloween scares in the US.

Overall the best Halloween Facebook post formats this year were as follows:

Interestingly, questions outperform images, which is a trend we are seeing in other areas. Below we have listed some of the top videos, top giveaways and questions. Hopefully these will inspire you for next year and for upcoming events such as Thanksgiving and Christmas.

This year many celebrities got into the Halloween spirit including Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian and Channing Tatum, frequently getting over 500,000 likes and shares for pictures they posted. By comparison the performance of brands on Facebook was relatively poor and it does highlight the greater engagement that many top celebrities can drive over brands. Some brands created Halloween specific products or ran an event which became the story itself and posts by other Facebook pages drove more engagement and visibility than on the brand’s own Facebook page.

Halloween Products That Trended

Both Starbucks and Burger King created Halloween products this year that got picked up and referenced heavily on Facebook. For example, as we can see below, Starbucks Vampire Frappuccino was featured in posts from sites such as Fox News to Cosmopolitan.


Burger King’s Halloween Burger went viral for different reasons. Slightly frightening ones. Still, they say all publicity is good publicity. This post by IFL Science on the burger’s side-effects was shared 35,000 times.

Top Halloween Videos

The top video was on easy Halloween make-up to look like a comic book girl. Which is remarkably effective. The post was liked 75,000 times and the video viewed over 8m times. Ellen DeGeneres dressing up as Kim Kardashian for Halloweed received a lot more likes (130,000) but slightly less views at 5.7m.

The ‘how to’ video is a great example of providing practical advice or tips on a task that someone may need to undertake during the period of an event.

Halloween Competitions

Competitions and giveaways are always popular on Facebook and Halloween is no exception. Below are three variations.

  • ChoccyWoccyDoodah encouraged people to share their image to win a spectacular cake, which was shared nearly 9,000 times.
  • Aldi UK asked people to name their favorite Halloween movie to win a TV and received 18,000 entry comments.
  • Freshpet asked people to upload pictures of their pet’s favorite Halloween costumes to win pet treats.


Halloween Question Posts

We have noticed that question posts get a lot of engagement on Facebook. Some of the most popular posts were on Halloween movies, costumes, party playlists and candy.

Below are three good examples. Posing a question like this is a good way to get engagement, and it seems to work on Facebook.

Halloween Images

Pictures of costumes and cakes were popular this year. There were some very spectacular Halloween cakes as we can see below.

The images that drive engagement on Facebook tend to be amazing, amusing or surprising; and Halloween is no exception. I thought I would finish with my favorite Halloween dog image.

What Can we Learn from the best Halloween Facebook Posts? 7 Ways to Win on Facebook Next Holiday

So what worked scarily well on Facebook this Halloween? And what can you do to maximise engagement with your content in the upcoming holiday seasons? Here are 7 quick tips.

1. Research the Facebook formats that work best for the event and get some inspiration.

2. Have a look at the most shared blog posts and articles on Thanksgiving over the last year. Explore opportunities to improve upon the current best posts.

3. Experiment with different formats to generate engagement such as different competition formats.

4. If you are using images, then average images simply won’t cut it, you need amazing, surprising or amusing images. Ask questions to drive up engagement

5. Think about the tasks that people will need to complete during the holiday season. Prepping a turkey, hanging decorations… Can you provide a practical ‘how to’ video to help them

6. Creating event themed products can lead to greater visibility through sharing and can even become newsworthy in their own right.

7. Watch the celebrities and stories from sites such as BuzzFeed looking for their best Halloween posts for Facebook. Then, create your own content or spin on such trending content.

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