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Published June 23rd 2020

More Isn’t Always Better: 5 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic Quality

Seeing an increase in blog traffic but not in conversions? Today we've got 5 hot tips to help you understand your audience and increase your blog traffic quality.

Run a Google search for “increase blog traffic,” and you’ll get plenty of tips for driving more visitors to your website.

But what about the quality?

Unless you’re targeting the right kind of traffic, those visitors won’t stick around – let alone convert into customers.

Driving more high-quality traffic to your blog involves a few key factors:

  1. Understanding your audience: Who they are, what problems they have, what they already know, etc.
  2. Amplifying content: Nailing down keywords and SEO along with other platforms to get your content in the right places at the ideal time.
  3. Creating high-quality content: Writing blog posts that answer questions and solve problems better than any other blog.

5 Strategies to Increase Your Blog Traffic Quality

The strategies below can help you increase blog traffic through the three factors mentioned above.

1. See What Questions Your Audience is Asking

Let’s talk about search engine optimization for a second. You can optimize your blog for keywords day in and out but it won’t help you increase blog traffic quality. In fact, it might not even help you boost traffic at all.

Google’s job is to answer search queries to the best of its ability. At the end of the day, if your blog posts don’t meet this initial requirement, they won’t rank – no matter how well you optimize your keywords.

High-quality content is key. Aim to answer questions and solve problems. You can start your research by plugging a topic into the BuzzSumo Question Analyzer.

Say you’re running a website that sells backyard supplies like patio furniture, bonfire equipment, and grilling tools. Plugging the keyword “patio furniture” gives you a huge choice of blog content:

Tabbing over to the related themes gives you even more questions to answer:

Blogs about protecting your patio furniture from the sun, cleaning old furniture, and keeping pests away would be great ideas!

2. Figure Out the Best Time to Publish

“But I am answering my audience’s questions by creating high-quality content! Why is my blog traffic so low and why am I reaching all the wrong people?”

If that sounds familiar, you might want to look at the time you publish. You might be able to increase blog traffic quality simply by publishing your blogs when your audience is active online.

Using the BuzzSumo Content Analyzer, plug in the topic “patio furniture” and the breakdown analysis tells you that Friday is – by far – the best day of the week to publish your posts.

It makes sense. People have just got paid and they’re ready to spend their weekend in the backyard!

While you’re still on the analysis screen, you can scroll down a bit further and BuzzSumo will also tell you what types of content performs best, how long it should be, and where to share it for the best engagement potential.

For patio furniture content, you’ll want to share your blog on Facebook and Pinterest and keep it under 1,000 words.

3. Guest Post in the Right Places

Guest blogging is effective, but you need to choose the right outlets. Just because all your competitors publish content at a specific website, that doesn’t mean your audience actually reads it.

The question then becomes, how can you figure out which media outlets your audience follows? Influencers come in handy here. Even if you aren’t trying to forge business relationships with influencers, it’s still smart to follow them because your audience does.

Influencers can unlock all kinds of insight about your audience’s content consumption.

Since most of the patio furniture content takes a DIY angle, it would be worthwhile to check out some YouTube influencers.

And since the content analysis said engagement is highest on Facebook for this topic, you’ll want to browse the Facebook influencers too:

4. Familiarize Yourself with What They Already Know

You might have some awesome ideas for your blog content but if your audience has already heard them a thousand times, you can’t use them to increase blog traffic quality.

If you want to create interesting, valuable, and insightful content, you have to familiarize yourself with what your audience already knows. Which blogs have they already read? What tips have they already heard?

Heading back to the Content Analyzer, you can see the most-shared content across the web for “patio furniture cleaning.”

You could also run the same analysis for “patio furniture DIY.”

You’ll want to study these top-performing posts before you create your own blog content. Check them out and ask yourself how you can update or improve the content.

5. Find the Right Keywords for Your Content

A comprehensive SEO strategy is critical for building sustainable blog traffic. You’re already creating amazing content, right? You might as well optimize it around specific keywords too.

This is one of the best ways to increase blog traffic quality. When you dig deep into your audience’s search habits, you can put yourself in front of their eyes via Google searches.

Now, you can’t expect this to boost your traffic quality overnight. It takes time, consistency, and the right keywords.

Head over to the BuzzSumo keyword research tool and plug in your topic. By searching “patio furniture,” you get thousands of ideas to target.

Looks like a lot of people living in small apartments are looking for fresh patio ideas to fill their space.

Keep in mind that with keywords, more monthly searches isn’t necessarily better. High-volume searches are too generic and pit you against too much competition to actually help increase blog traffic quality.

Instead, go for lower volume searches that let you write super targeted content for niche audiences.

For other ways to optimize your content on the go, check out our list of 30+ marketing and SEO chrome extensions that marketers are actually using.

Tap into the Right Audience Insights Now with BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo offers all the tools you need to tap into real-time audience insights and increase blog traffic quality. The Content Analyzer, Question Analyzer, and countless other tools can help you figure out what your audience is searching for and talking about already.

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