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Published February 13th 2023

BuzzSumo’s New Plans & Pricing: What’s Changing?

Get Your Free 30 Day Trial To Test-Drive Our New Plans

We have officially updated our plans and pricing, to better match the needs of our users and their most important workflows.

These changes will only impact new users. Legacy plans and pricing will be locked in for existing customers throughout the duration of their subscription.

What’s new?

  • A set of 5 entirely new plans
  • Two mid-tier plans with distinct feature access, including:

- A plan for PRs and brand builders

- A plan for creative content marketers

  • Pricing increases in line with market conditions
  • Trending feed limits applied across all plans
  • Exports now unlimited across all plans
  • Historical data increase across numerous plans
  • Enterprise pricing and features now listed upfront 
  • Free plan removed. The best way to access BuzzSumo for free is via a 30-day free trial (for new users only)

Why have we made these changes? 

In the nine years we’ve been operating, we have never fully updated our plans and pricing. 

We’ve only historically removed a very limited plan, and tweaked a plan name.

And in all of this time, we’ve been releasing new tools, improving our data, and expanding the BuzzSumo universe.

In the last three years alone we’ve added substantial features including BuzzSumo Journalist Profiles, the Content Ideas Generator, the Keyword Tool, the Facebook Page Analyzer – and more.

We’ve also more than doubled the length of our free trial to 30 days.

But with all of these additional tools and features, we have realized it’s getting trickier for users to know where to begin. 

This has been the driving force behind our new plan offering. 

We want to better match the needs of our users and support their most important workflows. 

What do these changes mean?

More personalized, workflow-focused plans

We’ve streamlined our plans so that they feature-match your daily workflows and use cases. 

Now you’ll pay for the tools you actually use.

More data and greater control

With unlimited exports for everyone, you’ll get greater control over your data and can slice and dice to suit your KPIs.

Easy access Enterprise plans

Enjoy the finer things in life? You’ll now be able to get our very best offering directly through our website. 

We’ve made our Enterprise plan even better and more transparent, with a dedicated CSM for every account to provide additional support and guidance. 

Improved interface, better user experience, and seamless checkout  

You may have noticed that over the last few months we’ve been sprucing up the app.

Developing our new plans has given us the opportunity to ramp up the optimization of our interface and user experience even further. 

What are BuzzSumo’s new plans? 

Here’s a look at our new plan offering…


Essential BuzzSumo tools and data for solo users.

Content Creation

For marketers and marketing agencies wanting to take their content to the next level.

PR & Comms

For agencies needing to monitor coverage, research journalists, and track trends.


Ideal for the entire marketing team in mid-size brands and agencies.


No-holds-barred access. Everything household-name brands and agencies need.

For a full breakdown of all of our new plans and pricing, head to our pricing page.

What about the free trial?

Don’t worry, we’re keeping our free trial so you’ll still have plenty of time to try before you buy.

Your trial lasts for 30 days or 50 searches – whichever comes first.

Get your free trial here.

What changes are still to come?

We always strive for continuous improvement.

We’ll be testing all new plans constantly, and keeping a close eye on our inboxes. 

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns via our in-app chat, or by emailing

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