The importance of backlinks

To paraphrase Guy Kawasaki there are two types of website managers: those that want more backlinks and those that are liars.

Backlinks matter, a lot, but gaining backlinks is difficult. A good backlink requires someone to write a relevant article mentioning you and to link to your site. This is far harder than getting someone to share your content.

The single best opportunity to gain new backlinks is to find articles that mention you but that do not link to you, and to request a link.

We have to thank Syed Balkhi of WP Beginner for this simple but powerful insight on how he used BuzzSumo to gain over 100 new organic backlinks each month. We tried it and gained over 200 new organic backlinks in the first month. We liked it so much we have built a new feature so you can quickly apply his technique and start gaining more backlinks today.

Our New ‘No Link’ Feature

To identify all the articles that mention you but don’t link to you, simply set up a brand alert in BuzzSumo. If you don’t use BuzzSumo, sign up for the free 7 day trial, no card or commitment required.

Go to the Monitoring tab and set up an alert for all mentions of your brand. Each day we will identify for you all new mentions of your brand and highlight those that have no link as you can see below.


Asking For Links

Syed found that lots of people were mentioning his brand in articles but not linking to him. Syed simply mailed the authors of the posts thanking them for the mention and asking if they wouldn’t mind linking to his site. In Syed’s experience most authors replied positively, after all the article and mention was their initiative not something he sought. Syed gained over 100 organic backlinks in the first month.

Based on Syed’s experience we checked the number of mentions we received each month and the number of links. We found we could receive up to 500 mentions a month that did not link to us. We therefore followed Syed’s approach and mailed the authors of articles that didn’t link to us. Our approach was to thank them very much for mentioning us, offer any help or advice about our product and ask if they wouldn’t mind linking to us, as this would also make it easier for their readers. In just one month we gained over 200 organic backlinks. It is simply a great way of gaining easy backlinks.

How Big Is Your Opportunity?

The size of your opportunity to gain new backlinks using this approach will depend on the number of times people mention you but don’t link to you.

To find out you can simply set up an alert in BuzzSumo. If you don’t use BuzzSumo, sign up for the free 7 day trial, no card or commitment required. Go to the Monitoring tab and set up an alert for all mentions of your brand.

Each day we will identify for you all new mentions of your brand and those that have no link. After a few weeks you will quickly see the size of the opportunity to gain additional organic backlinks.

What are you waiting for? Do you really not want any more backlinks?

30 Responses to “The Simple Tip That Gained Us Over 200 Backlinks”

  1. Robert Gibb

    Moz has a tool like this called Link Opportunities but it doesn’t catch everything – only what Moz thinks is an important mention. I’m glad that now I can use my favorite tool – BuzzSumo – to gather this information for virtually every mention. Before we had to visit the web page to see if we were being linked to. This will save our link outreach gal at least an hour a week!

    On another note: I have documentation (with videos) of how we do link outreach here at MaxCDN for brand mentions if you want to take a peak. It’s private but would be happy to share it with your team if you’re interested to see how BuzzSumo fits into this.

    Great work guys, and props to our friend Syed from the team over here at MaxCDN.

    • Nickalas D'Urso

      Robert, not sure if you could share your documentation with me? I sent you a FB request. I would be super interested 🙂 Let’s connect!

    • Henley Wing


      I’d be interested in taking a look!
      henley at

      CoFounder of BuzzSumo

    • Mr. Critical

      Me, three!

    • Henley Wing

      Robert, send it to me my friend!!!

    • money24seven

      Robert I would be grateful if you will please send me your documentation please

    • Ashley Simon

      Hi Robert,

      Could you please share with me as well? Thank you!

  2. Dustin W. Stout

    Excellent work Steve! Love this! Although I’ve been using this tactic with other social listening tools for a while, none that I use have this easy “No link” feature! Brilliant addition! Just set up my alerts! 😀

  3. Nickalas D'Urso

    great article! But what if your site like mine is fairly new and no one is mentioning my brand just yet?…..

    • Grindtime

      How clever 🙂

    • Ram Babu

      You have to understand and execute content creation strategy to your targeted audiences. As your domain relatively new, you need to figure out how much competition in your business area to take wise decision accordingly.

  4. Saiful Karim

    Great option for link building but not effective for new blog/website 🙁

    • Andy McIlwain

      Couldn’t you also set up a mention for key phrases and use it to identify potential link building opportunities? E.g. “saw you’re writing about X, we’re building a thing for X! Here’s why it’s relevant to your audience. Check it out here.”

      • Steve Rayson

        Hi Andy, apologies, I am remiss in missing this but yes, you can do this.You can set up alerts for key phrases. I have one for data driven marketing and other variations

  5. Olga Bedrina

    The Monitoring tool doesn’t seem to be working for the past 5 days. Any chances it’s going to be fixed some time in the nearest future?

  6. Matthew Kong

    This new feature is very useful when measuring outreach and finding unlinked brand mention opportunities.

  7. Cine Dabba

    thanks for sharing the tip

  8. Office Writing

    Thanks for the article. I just signed up for the free trial and can’t wait to get started on my monitoring.


    Hello Robert,

    I never used this kind of tools for any site, but want to see the benefit of “BuzzSumo” from today that’s why I am going to create an Account in this. And I also request for your documentation. I feel glad if you shared your document with me.


  10. RJ Rocker

    That is pretty interesting. But I personally think the tool is helpful for brands that are popular and people mention them quite often. For small websites or less popular brands, the tool doesn’t look helpful at all.

  11. arav saha

    wow Steve Rayson.Thanks man writing for such a wonderful informative article.i read your articles earlier as always it is very interesting.i will try this for my newly website and hope it will works

  12. Will Chou

    Thanks Steve!

  13. Prathamesh

    Awesome Share! Buzzsumo is my go to place to find best content resources.

  14. Matt LaClear

    Hi Steve,

    You made my weekend. Maybe month, even. We run a small SEO agency and are always looking for ways to build links for our clients.

    This strategy just created close to 1000 opportunities for our clients. So knuckle bumps coming your way.

    I was aware of the strategy and even blogged about it. But I didn’t take it serious enough to search anything.

    When I saw your post we started looking. 🙂

    This is great for anyone with an established brand. But not so much so for people just starting out.

    Any tips on how to generate brand mentions? They might be easier to generate than links anyways.

    Could turn into something potent.

    Tip of the hat, sir.

  15. ItohowoWilliams

    Great write-ups. Thanks for sharing, will try to implement it on keep it up. God bless you

  16. Christopher Franko

    oh what a really great idea. Ive noticed we get alot of youtubers who make vlogs about our products but dont link to us so im going to start emailing them and asking for the link. preciate the tip.

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