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Published February 1st 2023

23 Things For PRs & Marketers To Follow In 2023

A roundup of 23 newsletters and podcasts that every marketer and PR pro should be following in 2023.

If you need advice on strategy, content creation, pitching, or PR campaigns, then this is the list for you! We've picked 23 of our favorite podcasts and newsletters, perfect for busy marketers and PRs.

Dive into our list to keep your inbox (and playlists) filled with valuable resources, get insights on trends, be inspired by career stories, and more.

1 Create Like The Greats - Ross Simmonds

Kicking off our list is a brand new weekly podcast by Ross Simmonds, Founder & CEO of Foundation Inc B2B marketing agency. Listen in to hear Ross unpack the process of creating, being a creator, and the creations that he admires.

In each episode, Ross speaks on the business models, tech, and marketing that have brought companies like Adobe,, and MasterClass incredible success. Ross also touches on personal development, managing his career and his family, making sustainable resolutions, and avoiding regret. 

He covers the creativity and strategy that goes into building something extraordinary and highlights what he sees as some of the greatest creations of all time. 

Check out all the episodes of Create Like The Greats here

Be sure to keep up with Ross Simmonds on Twitter: @TheCoolestCool

Excuse us for blowing our own trumpet, but we can't help but get excited about this. Throughout 2023, we're going to invite the biggest and best minds in the PR and Marketing industries to answer the big questions on your mind, and provide actionable advice. Every month you can register to tune in for a new topic discussed by some of the most prominent and knowledgable names around. We'll cover everything from an Introduction to AI to Pitching Campaigns (That Actually Get Signed Off).

You'll get to gain the insights that will help guide your career, stay in the know about what's going on in the industry, and be inspired by some real-life incredible stories.

Follow our account on Twitter @buzzsumo to keep up with all of our latest content, and be the first to know what's next in our webinar series.

Sign up for our next upcoming webinar

3 Office Hours - SparkToro

Another awesome marketing and PR webinar series that we couldn't miss off this list is SparkToro’s Office Hours, hosted by Rand Fishkin (formerly of Moz, but now SparkToro’s co-founder and CEO) and Amanda Natividad (SparkToro’s VP of Marketing). From content marketing to distribution to PR, these sessions drop twice a month and are a great source of advice for anyone looking to better understand their audience.

Follow Amanda on Twitter: @amandanat

Join Rand on Mastodon: @randfish

Follow SparkToro on Twitter: @sparktoro

Register for Office Hours

4 The SEOFOMO Newsletter - Aleyda Solis

Get valuable updates on SEO trends with SEOFOMO from industry leader and regular on the SEO speaking circuit, Aleyda Solis. This weekly email newsletter delivers SEO resources and news, straight to your inbox. Every week, you'll receive updates on the latest SEO news with guides tips, tool recommendations, events, and available roles. Keep up with the names to follow in the SEO world and enter exciting giveaways.

Follow Aleyda's Twitter: @aleyda

Subscribe to SEOFOMO

5 The Weekly PR Newsletter - Bethanie Durham

For your weekly dose of campaign inspiration, look no further than The Weekly PR Newsletter. Every Tuesday, you’ll get a collection of curated PR articles and campaigns to give you industry insights, keeping you in the know about exciting campaigns you may have missed. 

Follow Bethanie on Twitter: @BethanieJane

Subscribe to The Weekly PR Newsletter

6 The Brandwatch Bulletin - Brandwatch

Every Friday, Brandwatch's Bulletin publishes data on what's trending, what consumers are thinking, and how different industries and demographics are behaving. Subscribe to keep your finger on the pulse and get updates from the team at Brandwatch.

Follow Brandwatch on Twitter: @brandwatch

Subscribe to the Brandwatch Bulletin

7 Newsworthy by Stacker - Amanda Milligan

Each month, this newsletter will provide you with valuable information on what types of content news publishers are seeking, strategies for earning media coverage and establishing brand authority, recommended data sources for creating content, with examples of top-performing content. Stacker specializes in producing and distributing newsworthy content and this newsletter is where they share their knowledge.

Follow Amanda on Twitter: @millanda

Follow Stacker on Twitter: @Stacker

Subscribe to the Newsworthy newsletter

8 Digital PR Podcast - Propellernet

Heads of PR at Propellernet, Louise Parker and Steve Baker come together in the Digital PR podcast to cover the big topics in the PR industry. Their conversations cover everything from new business processes, to creativity, relevance, and agency culture. Each episode is super entertaining and informative, but the casual tone makes it feel more like you're sharing a coffee with friends.

Follow Louise Parker and Steve Baker on Twitter: @louisevparker and @stevebaker83

Follow Propellernet on Twitter: @Propellernet

Subscribe to Propellernet's Digital PR Podcast

We’re all faced with an onslaught of data and statistics every time we look at the news. Some are fascinating…and some are frankly terrifying. If you haven't yet tuned into this long running weekly podcast, they call in experts to help make sense of the numbers surrounding trending stories to really get to the truth beneath.

Follow host Tim Harford on Twitter : @TimHarford

Follow More or Less on Twitter : @BBCMoreOrLess

Listen to the latest episode of More or Less: Behind the Stats

The Marketing AI Institute has been following the developments in AI technology for years in order to create and share actionable advice for next-gen marketers.

This newsletter is one to watch for those looking to level-up their marketing and become immersed in the applications of AI in their role. Get access to case studies and vendor recommendations to help you implement AI in your business. This newsletter also includes expert interviews and actionable insights that will keep you ahead of the game.

We love the content that the Marketing AI Institute creates so much that we invited its founder, Paul Roetzer to host an Intro to AI webinar with us.

Follow The Marketing AI Institute on Twitter: @MktgAi

Subscribe to The Marketing AI Institute's Newsletter

11 The Demand Curve Newsletter - Bell Curve Agency

The Demand Curve newsletter is a must-read for startups looking to grow. This newsletter is where the Bell Curve agency shares its growth strategies and couples them with data from its community of 60,000 startups to provide its readers with tactics to support rapid growth.

Follow Bell Curve agency on Twitter: @GrowthTactics

Subscribe to the Demand Curve newsletter

12 The PRWeek Podcast - PRWeek

Stay informed on the latest happenings in the PR and comms industry with The PRWeek Podcast. Each week, PRWeek editorial director, Steve Barrett and executive editor, Frank Washkuch bring you an inside look into the industry through engaging interviews with notable guests and a rundown of the week's most important news stories.

Follow the hosts Steve Barrett and Frank Washkuch on Twitter: @Steve_J_Barrett and @Washkuch

Follow PRWeek on Twitter: @prweek

Check out The PRWeek Podcast

13 The Grapevine Newsletter - Iona Townsley

Subscribe to The Grapevine to get PR campaigns for inspiration every month. Curated by Iona Townsley (Digital PR Specialist),The Grapevine has attracted 1,700+ readers interested in this one-stop-shop for campaigns to watch across industries. 

Follow Iona Townsley on Twitter: @IonaJTownsley

Subscribe to The Grapevine

14 The Long Game Podcast - Omniscient Digital

The Long Game podcast talks about long-term thinking to achieve success in both your personal and professional life. Showcasing real-life stories of individuals and companies who have achieved success through the practice of long-term thinking, these engaging conversations about the strategies, principles, and lessons that can help you to thrive in business are the perfect boost for any mid-afternoon slumps.

Follow the hosts, Allie Decker, David Ly Him, and Alex Birkett on Twitter: @alliecdecker, @davidlykhim, and, @iamalexbirkett

Follow Omniscient Digital on Twitter: @beomniscient

Subscribe to The Long Game Podcast

With more marketing tools to choose from than ever, this podcast series features in-depth conversations with leading experts in marketing and technology. Each episode delves deeper into the most talked-about topics covered in The Martech Weekly newsletter (or TMW to its fans), giving listeners a deeper understanding of the ever-evolving Martech landscape.

Follow Juan Mendoza on Twitter: @JU4NMEND0Z4

Subscribe to The Martech Weekly Newsletter

Listen to the Making Sense Of Martech Podcast

16 PR 360 Podcast - Tod Perry

For the strategies and tactics needed for a successful public relations campaign and insights on crisis management from top industry professionals, tune in to PR 360 for a comprehensive perspective on the PR industry.

Every Wednesday, this podcast feature expert guests who share their knowledge on topics such as creating impactful campaigns, industry trends, technological advancements, and more.

Follow the host, Tod Perry on Twitter: @TodAPerry

Subscribe to the PR360 Podcast

17 The Upside Podcast - Up Public Relations

The PR team at Up Public Relations produce a weekly podcast to share stories and insights about their careers as PRs. As the title suggests, they focus on the upside of their experiences. This is a super feel-good podcast that’s like sitting in on a chat among friends. A great balance of life advice, media trends, and PR tips.

Follow the hosts on Twitter: @kateelliotns, @jen_ashton and @DennisMills89

Follow Up Public Relations on Twitter: @upyourpr

Listen to The Upside Podcast

This podcast deep dives into the challenges facing marketing and PR pros today. Doug Downs covers tops from integrating AI, crisis planning, pitching micro media, and finding your niche. The breadth of this podcast means every episode is fresh and exciting with great insights on relevant topics.

Follow Doug Downs on Twitter: @DougDownsCanada

Listen to the podcast here

19 MarTech Daily Brief Newsletter - Martech Is Marketing

A daily newsletter for marketers wanting to keep up with the latest and greatest tech developments in their field. Each newsletter has a central theme like CDPs or AI and helps to answers common questions around these topics. There are also buying guides for new tech, job listings, and case studies to help develop your insight into the opportunities that martech tools can provide.

Follow on Twitter: @martechismktg

Subscribe to the Martech Daily Brief Newsletter

20 The Monthly Buzz - BuzzSumo

Is it cheeky to mention ourselves twice on this list? Well, with content this good, we think it would be wrong not to. Subscribe to the Monthly Buzz to get your monthly dose of BuzzSumo data, trend insights, and content. Get data that you can't find anywhere else on the latest media trends and hot topics delivered fresh to your inbox.

Subscribe to The Monthly Buzz

21 SEJ Today Newsletter - Search Engine Journal

This is one for bloggers, content marketers, and SEOs. From Monday to Friday, you’ll be notified about the trends you should be watching, and the guides and career advice in SEJ Today makes this perfect for readers from all backgrounds in the industry looking to progress.

Follow Search Engine Journal on Twitter: @sejournal

Subscribe to the SEJ Today Newsletter

22 SEO Notebook - Steve Toth

Over 10,000 marketers look to SEO Notebook to hear more about modern SEO strategies and actionable insights. Drawing on the experience of its creator, Steve Toth’s wealth of experience as an SEO Strategy Lead. 

This is a great place to get unique and effective SEO updates from a real pro!

Follow Steve Toth on Twitter: @seo_notebook

Subscribe to the SEO Notebook

23 Marketing Dive Newsletters - Marketing Dive

Choose what works for your inbox, as Marketing Dive offer daily, weekly, or agency weekly newsletters dedicated to covering news and trends every marketer should be watching. The daily dive shares short, regular updates on social media news, tech releases, and the weekly newsletters cover more in-depth trend updates, business insights, and industry developments.

Follow Marketing Dive on Twitter: @marketingdive

Subscribe to the Marketing Dive Newsletters

That's all for now!

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