BuzzSumo for Digital Marketing

Strategy Digital Case Study

Strategy Digital is a unique and rapidly growing digital marketing agency based in Bristol, UK providing Content Marketing, Social Media, Digital PR, PPC, Blogger Engagement and SEO. Our unique, performance-driven pricing ensures that our clients always come first and that their objectives become synonymous with our objectives. We caught up with Alexei Lee, Head of Social Media and Promotion, to hear how they've been using BuzzSumo.

Why do you use BuzzSumo?

Content marketing drives most of the work we do for our clients, so researching online audiences and content trends is an integral part of our planning process. It allows us to make sure our content AND marketing is effective by tailoring a strategy that has the best possible chance of generating shares and links in the right places. It’s the way we ensure our content cuts through the noise and gets noticed by the right people online.

BuzzSumo is a hugely powerful tool in our set, as it allows us to quickly identify the types of topics, formats and styles of content that are being most popularly shared by the target audience around any given theme or keyword. Using BuzzSumo to analyse where content is being shared most frequently also allows us hone our channel strategy so that we are not wasting time producing content to suit Facebook, if we are actually going to get more traction on Twitter, for example.We also use it to analyse competitor activity and identify any potential approaches that are working particularly well for them (or gaps that we can fill).

Why would you advise other organisations to use BuzzSumo?

We would highly recommend any organisation that manages their own online marketing to seriously consider a subscription to BuzzSumo. Content marketing should now be an integral part of your digital marketing strategy if you are looking to reach the right people, in the right places without spending huge amounts of money on advertising.

Especially for businesses who are low on resource, BuzzSumo is a powerful, time-saving tool that will help you quickly define where you should be active online and how you can most effectively engage with your target audience (who, remember, are not just your customers but also those who will share your content).

What is your favorite BuzzSumo Pro feature?

The reports give us instant and hyper-relevant data that we can plug into our planning documents. Clients are generally quite impressed with the level of insight we are able to provide to support our content and promotional strategies (and the charts look pretty too!).

Another feature that offers us a head-start when it comes to distributing the content we produce is the analysis of which influencers are sharing similar content.

Has BuzzSumo become essential for your day to day work?

BuzzSumo has become an essential tool that our team uses almost every day as part of our content research and strategic development process. The analytics that are instantly available around keywords and domains save us an immense amount of resource. Some of the insights we get from BuzzSumo simply weren’t available previously without a huge amount of manual digging and trawling the web.

Why did you choose BuzzSumo?

We did a lot of researching as part of a general update of the tools we used and BuzzSumo kept coming up in reviews as a great solution.