BuzzSumo for Technology Media

TechTarget Case Study

TechTarget is the online intersection of serious technology buyers, targeted technical content and technology providers worldwide. We caught up with Senior Manager, Social Media & Online Community, Ben Rubenstein for a chat about how they use BuzzSumo.

Why do you use BuzzSumo?

We use BuzzSumo to find influencers in the topics we cover to aid in our social promotion strategies, to understand what content of ours is performing well on social channels and/or being linked to, and to plan new content based on what’s resonating across social media.

Has BuzzSumo become essential for your day to day work?

I check BuzzSumo daily and receive alerts on particularly popular content - this has allowed me to get a quick understanding of which of our many pieces of content are gaining large social audiences each day, and respond accordingly. It’s also helped to streamline our influencer research process and surface relevant influencer lists to our editors and marketers quickly.

What is your favorite BuzzSumo Pro feature?

I appreciate being able to pinpoint influencers based on account type and location, and the ability to export data from both the influencer and content reports is essential to aligning with our own reporting and being able to easily share with colleagues. I also like the in-language option for content searches, which we will begin to use more often as we grow our focus on international content.

Why did you choose BuzzSumo?

We’ve used and/or evaluated a number of influencer research products, and we liked that BuzzSumo was simple to use and provided a range of services in one place, including influencer and content research. The affordability of the product was also a big factor.

Why would you advise other organisations to use BuzzSumo?

BuzzSumo is a great tool for identifying what content is resonating with social audiences, and for developing strategies for increasing that interest among the users who will ultimately have the most impact on your traffic and engagement. We’ve used it to learn a lot about what content our audience is most likely to share, and who is most likely to share it, so we can target our social promotion, and build content that is more likely to have social success.