BuzzSumo for Mobile Marketing

TextMagic is a bulk SMS service for sending notifications, alerts, reminders, confirmations and SMS marketing campaigns to your customers, staff and suppliers. We caught up with their Digital Marketing Manager, Brit Tammeorg, to see how they use BuzzSumo.

Why do you use BuzzSumo?

BuzzSumo is our most favoured tool when it comes to competitor research. It is great that you can compare domains to get a real insight into which social media channels your competitors use the most, how often and when do they post the most content. This has helped us to shape our marketing strategy!

Has BuzzSumo become essential for your day to day work?

BuzzSumo saves at least 60% of my time when I want to analyse content or competitors. As content marketing takes most of my time, I have Buzzsumo open on daily basis.

What is your favorite BuzzSumo Pro feature?

As link building is part of basic SEO you cannot stop researching. The best place to start your research is from the Most Shared feature. I simply type in a URL link to an interesting blog post to see who they got their backlinks from and how many people shared the post in different channels.

Why did you choose BuzzSumo?

We were reading a blog post and got curious about the authors. That is how we found out about Buzzsumo - through their blog. We were encouraged to try it out straight away thanks to the simple search option in their front page. You can see results within seconds without signing up!

Why would you advise other organisations to use BuzzSumo?

Any company or organisation who is creating content with the purpose of reaching its audience should use Buzzsumo. You may think you know how engage with your audience, but you can also be wrong. It is best to look what the data can show you and make your decisions based on that. Like we all know by now - it is not about who can create content, it is about who can create high quality content that finds its audience.