BuzzSumo for Online Retail

Trueshopping Case Study

Trueshopping owns and operates multiple online retail stores, including providing services across the USA & Canada; France; Germany; Netherlands; Italy; Spain; Austria and Belgium.

The brands currently operating by the Trueshopping Group sell a diverse range of products including bathroom suites, showers, heated towel radiators, sports & leisure wear, sports medical equipment, garden & outdoor equipment, tools, household goods and renewable energy products. We caught up with Digital Marketing Team Leader Sam Broom to hear how they've been using BuzzSumo.

Why do you use BuzzSumo?

BuzzSumo enables us to see the current trend on content and what type of content is being shared to and linked to. We use it for every blog we write to see if demand is out there from a sharing point of view as well as to uncover influencers that we can market to. It provides concise reports and enables us to make data based decisions.

Has BuzzSumo become essential for your day to day work?

We incorpirated BuzzSumo into our new content marketing processes in research stage of creating blogs, but also in our prospecting phase to identify influencers. It keeps us up to date with a large amount of targeted alerts to keep us posted on such things as new links and articles written by tracked authors.

What is your favorite BuzzSumo Pro feature?

Content Reports are fantastic, we use it when writing in a new niche and can see all the metrics in one place and what to expect. Content Alerts based on author is fantastic and very important and the link reporting system for natural links. There are too many to choose.

Why did you choose BuzzSumo?

There is nothing quite like BuzzSumo, we were customers at the beta, it is innovative and easy to use, yet has that advanced functionailty you can go deeper with. We expect it to grow and grow with features. Compared to other similar alternatives, you find you have to compromise on both cost, and functionality.

Why would you advise other organisations to use BuzzSumo?

Use BuzzSumo, thats all I can say, if you produce content it is a must, it helps you understand the current content landscape out there and make data based decisions.