BuzzSumo For Internet Marketing

WebpageFX Case Study

WebpageFX is a full-service Internet marketing company offering innovative web marketing solutions to mid to large size companies across the globe. We caught up with Content Marketing Manager, Shane Jones, for a chat about about how they use BuzzSumo

Why do you use BuzzSumo?

We use BuzzSumo to come up with ideas for our clients’ content. Since we help a variety of industries, BuzzSumo makes it easy to get a snapshot of what’s trending and what types of content would do well in that niche.

Our entire Earned Media Department also uses it to find journalists and bloggers who would be interested in sharing our clients’ content. They build out their lists and even tweet to those influencers straight from BuzzSumo’s app.

Has BuzzSumo become essential for your day to day work?

Buzzsumo is a huge help when it comes to anything related to competitor analysis. We can easily gauge what an industry looks like in just a few clicks within the tool. It also shows us any low hanging fruit, valuable strategies, or trending topics within the industry that we might need to address.

One of our biggest time savers is within the alerting features. They alone allow us to keep tabs on several key areas of the web that we normally might use 5-10 different tools for. We regularly depend on these alerts for much of our day to day activities!

Why would you advise other organisations to use BuzzSumo?

Some of our top performing content for clients was based off of ideas we found on BuzzSumo’s Top Content section. We were able to take topics from posts that performed very well on social media and improve upon them to drive traffic and shares to our clients’ sites.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use tool to help you come up with content ideas, analyze competitors, and connect with influencers then BuzzSumo is the perfect tool for you.

Why did you choose BuzzSumo?

At WebpageFX, we are constantly trying new tools to boost productivity and help us make better strategic decisions for our clients. One of our employees stumbled upon BuzzSumo when it first came out. Since we used the free version on a daily basis, we decided to try out the pro and we’ve been loving it ever since.

Of course, BuzzSumo makes it easy to love their tool because of its clean interface which helps you navigate the tool and even understand how to apply the data it provides.

What is your favorite BuzzSumo Pro feature?

Sometimes simple things like exporting and RSS feeds are more useful and exciting than people may think. A simple Excel export of a top content report can give you the data you need to analyze it against all kinds of different things. And RSS can be a huge value add for anything I do. Alerts that come in via RSS can come in handy if you aren’t fond of email alerts. But if you’re familiar with IFTTT, the ideas are endless with what you can do with an RSS feed.

In collaboration with IFTTT, you could trigger actions like appending results to a spreadsheet, or tweeting a link. The sky's the limit with RSS feeds!

The Domain Comparison report has also been very useful to see how competitors stack up in regards to content and social shares. It gives great insight into what social network to focus on, areas of content we can approve and even the day we should be publishing content on!