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Stories that rock the world. We expose wrongdoing so the world can make it right. #CyprusConfidential #UberFiles #PandoraPapers #FinCENFiles #PanamaPapers

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Recent articles
US Treasury Department removes ‘escape hatch’ for criminals from beneficial ownership reporting form - ICIJ
Oct 13, 2023
Amazon, McDonald's, Chuck E. Cheese and InterContinental Hotels Group respond to Trafficking Inc. investigation - ICIJ
Oct 10, 2023
Workers accuse Middle East operations of McDonald’s, Chuck E. Cheese and other Western brands of labor abuses - ICIJ
Oct 10, 2023
‘We wouldn’t have been able to do Pandora Papers without it’: The powerful platform behind ICIJ’s biggest investigations - ICIJ
Oct 03, 2023
Money-laundering criminals are adapting to new technology faster than authorities can keep up, EU report says - ICIJ
Sep 27, 2023
IRS investigating sanctioned Russian oligarchs' use of South Dakota trusts, agent says - ICIJ
Sep 13, 2023
Ukrainian oligarch sanctioned following the FinCEN Files investigation arrested in Ukraine - ICIJ
Sep 07, 2023
Criminals and oligarchs are hiding wealth in secretive Dutch foundations, new investigation finds - ICIJ
Sep 07, 2023
Gabon’s Bongo family enriched itself over 56 years of kleptocratic rule, spreading its wealth across the world - ICIJ
Sep 05, 2023
Nigerian president appoints new minister accused of helping a former dictator launder looted billions - ICIJ
Aug 29, 2023

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