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Media Database I Will Fitzgibbon

Will Fitzgibbon


Washington DC

Senior Reporter and Global Partnership Coordinator with @examinationnews. Former reporter @icijorg #panamapapers #pandorapapers (etc) #shadowdiplomats. CAMS

africa, investigative journalism, journalism, journalists, journos, markets, media, news, pandorapapers, shadow diplomats, oligarchs, mauritiusleaks, business, enablersact, oligarchyachts, thelegalhour, russianoligarchs, shadowdiplomats, eu, depressing, rusko, montenegro, russia, national, luandaleaks, canada, haiti, وثائق_باندورا, cameroun, panama papers, fishrot, uae, anticorruptionday, internationalanticorruptionday, wyoming, angolan, corruption
Recent articles
How US lawyers and bankers aided powerful Haitian tycoons now sanctioned over corruption by Canada  - ICIJ
Feb 08, 2023
More shake ups after 'shadow diplomats' investigation
Jan 29, 2023
Jordan, Latvia and Israel Shake Up Diplomatic Corps After “Shadow Diplomats” Investigation
Jan 24, 2023
Police search PwC, Boston Consulting Group offices in Angolan corruption probe against Isabel dos Santos - ICIJ
Jan 24, 2023
Jordan, Latvia and Israel shake up diplomatic corps after Shadow Diplomats investigation - ICIJ
Jan 17, 2023
From court records to military archives, document dive revealed the world's Shadow Diplomats - ICIJ
Jan 11, 2023
Shadow Diplomats have posed a threat for decades. Governments looked the other way. - ICIJ
Dec 22, 2022
US Senate blocks major anti-money laundering bill, the Enablers Act - ICIJ
Dec 12, 2022
Governments call for reforms to centuries-old honorary consul system - ICIJ
Dec 06, 2022
Agents of influence: How Russia deploys an army of shadow diplomats - ICIJ
Dec 04, 2022

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