Marketing IRL:

Let's Talk About Wellbeing

Full Recording Available Now

Watch our free webinar now for a real discussion around marketer wellbeing, including:

  • Adapting to new ways of working 💻

  • Ways to help your productivity ✏️

  • Building your confidence at work 🙌

What We Discussed 👀

In this special panel event, our speakers shared their experiences about what it's really like to be a marketer in 2022. We were joined by:

  • Amanda Milligan, Head of Marketing at Stacker
  • Ryan McCready, Content Marketing Manager at Foundation.Inc
  • John Emoavwodua, Content Strategy Consultant

Alongside host Evan Ahlers, they discussed what impacts them in their life as a marketer, as well as some of the tips and tactics they find most useful to help them counteract negativity, and achieve their best work 🥇

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