Content Research and Planning

A great content strategy is based on research and planning. BuzzSumo makes content research faster and easier. BuzzSumo provides the data and evidence to ensure you focus on content that engages your audience.

Identify Content That Resonates
Discover the most shared content in the last 12 months or the last 24 hours. Find the content that resonates with your audience.

Focus On The Right Networks
Review the average shares on each network for your topic area. Does the topic get more traction on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

Detailed Content Research
Does long form content resonate with your audience? What associated topics get shared? What headlines work best? BuzzSumo gives you the answers.

Most Shared Content Formats
Filter by content type such as videos or infographics, to see which content formats are resonating with your audience.

Most Shared Domains
Find the most shared domains for your topic area and identify suitable outreach sites. Check the content they publish.

Find the influencers
Find the influencers who have most sway in your audience or target networks. Develop a target list to reach out to as part of your content strategy.

What Our Users Say



“Where can you find the most shared content on the web? Try BuzzSumo. Simply input a topic, keyword, or competitor, and BuzzSumo shows a list of posts ranked by the amount of social shares each receives.”

“We’ve found this to be an ideal tool to evaluate blog post ideas and to find new content. If you have a particular topic in mind, BuzzSumo can be a handy resource to discover which articles might be most shareable.”kevan-lee


Kevan Lee, Buffer


“Everyone knows that writing engaging content is important. But doing so is hard if you don’t know what people want to read. We need insights that can help us plan, write and distribute effective content. These insights need to answer these questions:

– What types of content resonates most with my audience?

– What social networks should I focus on distributing my content?

– What headlines are working and on which networks?

– Which influencers are sharing and amplifying content related to my topic?

– What other content are these influencers sharing?

Gathering these insights in one place can be difficult. Thankfully, BuzzSumo can help.”



Irfan Ahmed – Digital Information World