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Distilled is an award-winning online marketing agency, with offices in London, New York and Seattle. They believe tomorrow's biggest brands will be built online. We caught up with Content Strategist, Hannah Smith to hear how they have been using BuzzSumo.

Hannah Smith


How has BuzzSumo become essential for your day-to-day work?

BuzzSumo makes finding out what resonates with people ridiculously easy. Simply search for a topic and see what’s being shared. From there you can see the sorts of pieces and stories which are resonating, and identify themes.

It also shows you want isn’t being shared. Don’t believe me? Do a search for ‘fungal nail infection’ – the topic results has been shared just 4.5k times on Facebook – looks like most people want to keep their manky toenail problems to themselves. Contrast this with a search for ‘nail art’ – here the top result has been shared 104k times on Facebook. You know what to do, right?

BuzzSumo is also really useful if you need to figure out what the competition are up to. Competitors come in two flavours – commercial and content. For example, if you’re creating sports related content for a betting company you’re up against not only other betting companies and but every major sports site out there. Historically discovering the most shared content on competitor sites was a slow and painful process – crawl the site with your crawler of choice, clean up your URLs, then use the social APIs to pull back social share data on each URL. With BuzzSumo you can search by domain and modify that search with a topic.

Why do you use BuzzSumo?

For the most part, the content we create for clients exists to be shared, and our primary objective is to gain coverage on the sites our target audience read.

When we ideate we’re evaluating our ideas based on the following:

  • Why it’s right for the brand (relevant)
  • Why people will care (resonant)
  • How does this stand up versus the competition (making sure what we’re doing is different from what’s already out there)

BuzzSumo helps us across two of these three areas:

  • Why people will care – i.e. what resonates
  • How does this stand up versus the competition


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