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Seer Interactive

Seer Interactive, established in 2002, is a firm that specializes in working with emerging to Fortune 500 companies concerned that they are not maximizing the use of the Internet as a medium for building awareness and driving leads and sales. We caught up with them to hear how they are using BuzzSumo.

Why do you use BuzzSumo?

Identifying Influencers:  BuzzSumo is useful for identifying influencers across various industries and topics. It’s been a great help to understanding who the influencers are in our client’s industry, so we can reach out to those influencers and connect them with my client. By reaching out to influential bloggers or people active on social media on behalf of clients, we’ve been able to collaborate on content pieces that expose client content to new audiences and further promote an influencer within their field.

Client Research: We use BuzzSumo for researching during “ideation”. It’s not ideal to run around saying I believe this will take off, when BuzzSumo helps us show clients what is taking off from the journals they read, and then that helps us articulate a way to build something in accordance with that.

Staying on top of the industry:  BuzzSumo allows us to stay on top of our clients’ industry news, generate new content ideas and keep a pulse on where they’re being mentioned online. 

Competitive Analysis:  Often our POCs need our help to create a business case for why we should invest in content. One of the easiest ways to do so is to point to a competitor who is beating us in search and break down their strategy, piece by piece. BuzzSumo makes this really easy by showing what sites are owning topics/industries, and what each competitors most shared content is.

Recruitment: BuzzSumo is useful not only for client research and social marketing analysis, but for recruiting. BuzzSumo has helped us to identify relevant, engaged industry professionals sharing content that aligns with our company’s philosophies. That allows us to research those individuals to determine if they may be a fit for our company and allows us to connect with them in a meaningful way.

Prospecting: We use BuzzSumo for a lot of our prospecting. Their Influencers tab is hugely helpful for finding top social curators and monitoring topics to create engagement. We can use BuzzSumo while doing a competitive analysis and while prospecting. By seeing where and how similar pieces of content were shared it helps us to develop our outreach plan for our clients’ content.

Has BuzzSumo become essential for your day to day work?

BuzzSumo has recently become very essential to us for competitive content analyses. It’s helped us evaluate our client’s content both in terms of social interactions and backlinks, and how it compares to content that distinguishes our competitors.

BuzzSumo saves us a ton of time when we are looking to pitch a client on new content. As digital marketers, we always want to present ideas with a data-driven approach. So when we approach a client with a new idea, we can back it up with social stats, key influencers in that niche, and journalists we can target based on what they most often engage with.

It’s become really helpful for everything from quick gut checks to more in depth analysis. Our account managers use BuzzSumo without fail whenever they are working on content ideation. There is no easier way to see who is leading the pack with engaging, sharable content.


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