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Learn how to get top-tier coverage from agency co-founder Kelsey Libert as she shares her learnings from 10 years of experience and 5000+ campaigns.

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How To Pitch Creative Ideas (That Actually Get Signed Off)

Fed up with clients rejecting ideas you know will work? Or struggling to run time-sensitive campaigns, due to a lengthy approval processes? Drawing on their experience as the co-founders of Bottled Imagination, Luke Cope and Katy Powell will show you how to get clients onside.

So if you want to craft a pitch that convinces everyone in the room, or get inspiration for your next campaign, this webinar is the one for you.

Watch the webinar to discover:

  • Tried & tested methods for coming up with unique campaign ideas
  • How to meet the needs of multiple stakeholders with your pitch
  • What data will sell your client on your next big campaign idea
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Luke Cope

Co-Founder & Creative Strategy Director

Katy Powell

Co-Founder & PR Director