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Content Marketing

Published August 6th 2019

Why High Quality Content Improves SEO Rankings: 4 Examples

Of all the goals you have for your content, the most
important is engagement.

Sure, traffic is great, but if your content doesn’t engage
that traffic, you won’t see the results you were after.

While many options exist, interactive content is designed
with the sole purpose of grabbing your visitors’ attention and keeping it until
they are satisfied. Fortunately, with the help of an interactive content
marketing platform, it’s never been easier to produce this kind of valuable

4 Examples Interactive Content Marketing Platform

Furthermore, there are only four main types
of interactive content
you need to consider for your website. Better still,
with the right interactive content marketing platform, just about anyone can
create an engaging example quickly and, often times, for free.

1. Quizzes

Maybe the most popular form of interactive content is the basic
quiz. They’re simple to create and take.

Yet, quizzes can produce absolutely incredible results.

For example, look at the kind of engagement enjoys by regularly publishing quizzes:

In fact, owns well over half the engagement for quizzes, dominating even Buzzfeed, which is probably better known for this kind of interactive content:

Their quizzes aren’t overly complicated, either. Check out
their most successful one, “Quiz:
Only 1 In 50 People Can Identify These 16 Grammar Mistakes. Can You?

is an extremely popular interactive content marketing platform and is also
completely free to use. Otherwise, Quiz
offers three different options.

2. Calculator and Tools

Online calculators do more than just help readers add and
subtract. They help readers by making convoluted calculations much
easier. For example, if you wanted to know what the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of
2017” would mean for you, the
NY Times’ tax calculator
requires you to only answer four questions.

Another extremely popular tool is a mortgage
calculator. Just about every major mortgage originator and real-estate advice
site offers one. That’s because those in the market for a new home absolutely
need this information, but would rather not conduct complex calculations in
order to receive it (or find out for the first time when they’re in a lender’s

Take a look at this mortgage
calculator from NerdWallet
for an excellent example of how you can use an
interactive content marketing platform to create a winning webpage that will
bring you traffic for years to come.

If you’re looking for a free interactive
content marketing platform
to build your site a calculator, try uCalc or Calculoid.
For those who may need more from their calculators, ContentTools is an excellent

3. Interactive Visuals

Interactive visuals make it easier for people to understand
complicated concepts by illustrating them with visuals. As opposed to an
infographic, though, these visuals allow the viewer to adjust the input for
specific outcomes.

One really fun example that showed up in recent years was “Winds and Words”:

“Using data collected
from script dialogue and other sources, this experiment analyzes and visualizes
characters’ words and interactions from the first six seasons of HBO’s Game of

If you watched the show, you know how daunting it could be
at times to remember the dozens of characters’ interactions with one another,
year-after-year. The fun tool shows users whom every character spoke to – and
how often – broken down by season.

This type of marketing asset is possible with an interactive
content marketing platform like R Shiny.
It’s too involved for any sort of free software, but the results are clearly
worth it.

4. Timelines, Sliders, and More

Finally, another fantastic way to use an interactive content
marketing platform is to create a timeline or slider that shows the progression
of a product, service, or event.

For example, check out this cool timeline that documents the
evolution of the iPhone
. With just one click-at-a-time, you can watch as
the model in front of you changes. That’s a lot more interesting than simply
seeing them all laid out in one static visual because it gives you a much
better sense of how the device’s dimensions changed over time.

Another interesting example shows how
diversity in tech grew
between 2014 and 2017. Once again, a simple
side-by-side comparison of each year would have sufficed, but it’s far more
engaging when you can look at each metric and see exactly how it changed with
just a simple click.

If your site needs a timeline, Preceden offers a free trial, yet it’s
trusted by brands like Netflix and Slack. Otherwise, R Shiny is also great for
this kind of content.

The Most Important Rule When Creating Interactive Content

Now that you understand what interactive content is and what
your four main options are, the next step is deciding which would make the most
sense for your business.

As you research the different types of interactive content
that is successful in your market, you’ll see that even in a single category –
say quizzes – there’s no limit to what you can do. In terms of the questions
you ask, the interface of the quiz, how results are provided, etc., the sky’s
the limit.

However, remember this quote from the founder of “Convince
and Convert,” Jay Baer, about
content creation
: “One of the best
ways to succeed with modern marketing is not to try to be amazing, but just be

Bells and whistles are great, but if your interactive
content doesn’t actually provide the answers your market wants, don’t expect it
to attract much attention for very long.

Keep in mind, too, that those answers don’t necessarily have
to be life-changing. Finding out how much of a mortgage you can afford is
great, but clearly, many of’s readers were interested in discovering
if they could name “All
15 of These 80s Hits by One Line

Different markets. Different interactive content.

It’s Never Been Easier to Create Interactive Content

Depending on the kind you want to create, an interactive
content marketing platform could produce your next post by the end-of-the-day and
for absolutely free.

Nonetheless, remember that you need to take your time. Start with
research using BuzzSumo to make sure you understand what your market will go
crazy for. To make things even easier, we’d be happy to offer you
a free seven-day trial.


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