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Published February 10th 2020

How To Create A Binge-Worthy Video Content Marketing Strategy: 7 Tips

Read our post on 7 Secrets to a Binge-Worthy Video Content Marketing Strategy and try our tool out. It's free to use & you can run a search in seconds!

When marketers get a taste of unbelievable engagement from a video, the realization hits them: they need a solid video content marketing strategy.

By 2020, Cisco estimates that 82 percent of all IP traffic will be video content. Keep in mind, this includes Netflix, PewDiePie, cat videos, and yes, your brand’s video marketing content.

That’s why 87 percent of marketers say they have already incorporated video into their strategy.

If you want your video strategy to live up to its hype and exceed its ROI expectations, you’ll need to produce video content that your audience genuinely wants to watch.

7 Steps to Creating a Binge-Worthy Video Content Marketing Strategy

How can you create binge-worthy content?

It’s a big challenge for brands, isn’t it?

Use the steps below to create a video content marketing strategy filled with material that keeps your audience engaged and begging for more.

Here’s what we’ll be covering:

  1. Intrigue Viewers with Open-Ended or Counterintuitive Questions
  2. Include Some Strictly Entertaining Video Content Marketing
  3. Use Animation to Explain Complex Topics
  4. Dabble in Interactive Video
  5. Include a Cameo from Someone They’ll Recognize
  6. Use Video Marketing Insights to Find Hot Topic Ideas
  7. Hit Them with Some Cliffhangers

Intrigue Viewers with Open-Ended or Counterintuitive Questions

Let’s be frank: questions with black-and-white answers or dead-ends just don’t make interesting video marketing material.

Beginner tutorials or troubleshooting videos certainly add value to your website, but you should also create unique and interesting content that grabs attention.

Which video are you more likely to not only watch but share with your friends:

“Are coin flips the best way to solve a dispute?”


“Coin flips aren’t as unbiased as you think.”

Both phrases introduce the same topic, but in separate ways. However, the second phrase plays on the general public’s preconceived notions about coin flips giving both parties a 50-50 chance.

2. Include Some Strictly Entertaining Video Content Marketing

Informational content is essential, but entertaining content gets binged, shared, and provokes thoughts.

Patagonia uses YouTube for sharing visually stunning and interesting long-form videos that you wouldn’t expect from a retail brand:

You don’t have to limit yourself to one video per topic either. Long-form video series – like a branded TV show – are excellent for keeping active viewers each month.

As Jenny Mudarri writes for Wistia:

Instead of solely focusing on the products and services they offer, more and more companies are creating memorable experiences for viewers by investing in documentaries, video series, and more, all with the goal of building an audience.

3. Use Animation to Explain Complex Topics

People retain about 10 percent of a message they read but 95 percent of a message they watch through video.

Most brands use animation in explainer videos for their employees, but marketers can take advantage of its benefits as well.

Check out the exciting animated video Nike made for its World Cup promotion:

You can also follow PayPal’s example. In this video, PayPal blended animation and live-action to spice up its security features.


4. Dabble in Interactive Video

68 percent of marketers believe that the importance of interactive video content marketing will continue growing.

How could it not? Interactive content like games or buttons that get your audience clicking are always great for engagement.

  • 360-degree views
  • Clickable hotspots to visit landing pages or other video segments
  • Quizzes and polls
  • Branches for viewers to customize their video content
  • Forms

Here’s an awesome 360-degree interactive video for the Yukon Striker rollercoaster in Canada’s Wonderland.


5. Include a Cameo from Someone They’ll Recognize

Notice anything interesting about that PayPal video embedded in point three?

It stars Samira Wiley from Orange is the New Black!

Celebrity endorsements haven’t gone anywhere – they’ve just evolved. Don’t worry; you don’t have to drum up a budget for Millie Bobby Brown from Stranger Things or anything like that.

However, you can find “celebrities” your audience will recognize for your video marketing. In other words, influencers.

Let’s say you run a website that sells running shoes, and you want to create a video about safe running habits. Using the BuzzSumo influencer search, you can find the best fitness YouTube influencer suited for the job to appear in or narrate your video:

Not only is there a good chance your audience will recognize them, but they’ll also share the video on their social profiles.

Video Content Marketing Influencers Celebrity Endorsements

Source: BuzzSumo

6. Use Video Marketing Insights to Find Hot Topic Ideas

To make a binge-worthy video content marketing strategy, you’ll need to find overlapping topics that you may not even realize are a good fit.


In other words, topics that don’t relate to your main industry, but that your audience might enjoy.

Here’s an example.

Start with your favorite audience insights tool. Going with the running shoes website example again, let’s say that this website used the Facebook Audience Insights tool and found that a substantial part of their audience also follows Whole Foods Market.

Next, we’ll check out the type of video content Whole Foods produces and how it performs.

Video Content Marketing Influencers

A video about bees or healthy breakfast tips may be a great choice – and look at how Whole Foods highlights relevant influencers.

7. Hit Them with Some Cliffhangers

Cliffhangers genuinely stand the test of time. Even in the era of Netflix with binge-worthy content on-demand, writers and producers still include cliffhangers to keep viewers hooked.

Brands can follow the same strategy.

There is a heap of sales clutter on the Internet that is actively annoying and repelling your customers. Don’t let your brand be that guy – instead, your video should be centered around the story and not the sale, writes Clodagh O’Brien.

Find the Most Engaging Video Topics on Youtube, Facebook and the Web

With these tips, you can create engaging videos even for topics you may assume are boring for your audience – like the details of how your app works or troubleshooting software.

However, choosing interesting topics is much more reassuring. Review your customer emails for questions or see what people in your industry are talking about on Twitter to find inspiration for your video content marketing.

Stumped for topic ideas? BuzzSumo can help. Run your topic through our Youtube Analyzer to see what people are sharing through video marketing insights. We have a free 30-day trial to get you started, too – no strings attached!

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