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Published October 17th 2020

Top 10 UK and US YouTube Influencers

How can you get more views on YouTube? Learn from the best. We've curated a definitive list of the top 10 UK and US YouTube Influencers, by subscribers, using BuzzSumo.

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BuzzSumo’s YouTube analytic tools help us pull valuable insight from the second most popular social media platform.

Using BuzzSumo’s YouTube influencer feature we’ve found the top 10 UK and US YouTube influencers, by subscribers, so you know the top YouTube personalities to subscribe to. As decided by the people!

10. Katy Perry

YouTubers aren’t hot and cold for this award-winning pop star (sorry, not sorry).

The channel first started uploading in 2008, and its amassed 38m followers. But she’s not the most popular music influencer on YouTube. You’ll have to keep reading for that!

According to BuzzSumo’s YouTube Influencer tool, her 105 videos have generated 6967.1m views.

9. MrBeast

Jimmy Donaldson (or MrBeast on YouTube) has made a living from setting himself (and volunteers) crazy challenges for views (and for contestants, an over-the-top gift).

It does sound a little kitsch, but his 42.4m subscribers certainly love it! Since the channel’s creation in 2012 MrBeast has published 712 videos, which have been viewed 6967.1m times.

8. Movieclips

The Fandango channel claims have the the largest collection of licensed movie clips on the web, for all the movie trailer addicts out there. They’ve bagged themselves 43.3m subscribers since the channel’s creation in April 2006.

All in all, they’ve uploaded 36k videos, the most content on this list, that’s been watched 41575.m times!

7. Marshmello

Anonymous DJ Marshmello grabs the title is the most subscribed to music channel on YouTube, with 48.1M subscribers.

He’s uploaded 452 videos, since the channels inception on 6 Apr 2015, with 9664.2M views.

6. Vlad and Niki

These five and seven year old brothers, use their channel to vlog and review toys.

And with 51.4m subs they’re definitely doing something right. They began uploading content on the 23 Apr 2018, and since then have had 30075.8m views over 278 videos.

5. Dude Perfect

Known for their trick shots, these five guys talk sports, play sports, and generally mess around for sketches. And their 53.3m subscribers love it!

Since the channels’ inception they’ve uploaded 242 videos, and had 11538.5m views in total.

4. Kids Diana Show

The second of our three children’s entertainment channels has bagged the fourth UK and US Top Influencer spot. This children’s channel with 69.2m subscribers focuses on vlogs, challenges and product reviews.

The channel uploaded 748 videos since its inception in 2015, with a total of 37958.6M views.

3. 5-Minute Crafts

This channel does what it says on the tin — it’s packed full of life hacks, DIY and craft projects to get stuck into. And its 68.1m subscribers love it!

Since it’s creation in 2016 it has published 4.6k videos, and has been viewed 18441.3m times.


2. Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes

With 93m subscribers, this children’s channel leads the way in children’s entrainment for YouTube.

The channel uploaded 562 videos since its creation in 2006, which were watched 76418.5m, on average. Sadly we can’t tell if that was the same group of very unfortunate parents, but the cartoon is so popular, it’s most viewed video to date has 3bn views!

1. PewDiePie

With a whopping 106M subscribers, Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, known online as PewDiePie, is an England-based Swedish YouTuber who is primarily known for his Let’s Play videos and sketches.

His 4.2k videos (at time of writing) have been watched 25910.3M times!

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