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Content Marketing

Published February 10th 2020

How To Repurpose Content for Maximum Reach: 7 Tips

Struggling to publish as much content as you’d like? No problem. Give yourself a break and start repurposing content for awesome engagement with these tips!

Let’s be honest. Most of us want to create more content than we have time to. Repurposing content can help fill the gap.

According to the latest research from the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), only 29% of B2C marketers say their content marketing strategy is “very” successful.

Why are so many of us falling short with our content marketing results? Well, CMI also reports that most content teams include less than five workers. Even worse, up to a third of companies don’t have anyone dedicated to working on content marketing full time.

Most of us are working with small teams, and we can’t churn out fresh content 24/7 – but we don’t have to! We can easily repurpose our best content for a fresh makeover.

A Few Best Practices for Repurposing Content

Before we jump into the ideas, let’s consider a few best practices for repurposing content so you can squeeze as much engagement as possible.

  1. Strive for evergreen marketing: When you research topics on BuzzSumo, we give each result an evergreen score so you can find the pieces that stand the test of time.
  2. Find out what’s hot right now: Check your preferred social media platforms for trending topics you can capitalize on.
  3. Look at what’s worked in the past: Does your audience go wild for infographics, podcasts, video, or eBooks?

You can find evergreen content for every topic with the BuzzSumo Content Discovery tool. Each piece of content gets an evergreen rating.

How to Repurpose Content from Your Blog

80% of brands put effort into their blogs, so for our purposes here, we’ll focus on repurposing blog posts for other media. With a little creativity, we can make each blog post stretch way beyond its expiration date and take the pressure off our workload.

Here’s what we’ll be covering:

  1. Use Stats to Create Infographics for Each Platform
  2. Condense Blog Posts into Videos
  3. Create a PowerPoint and Upload to SlideShare
  4. Submit to Guest Blogging Sites
  5. Expand Your Topic for an eBook
  6. Turn Each List Item into a Full Blog Post
  7. Invite an Expert on a Podcast

1. Use Stats to Create Infographics for Each Platform

Infographics are a big hit across most audiences. 76% of B2Bs say they enjoy consuming infographics during the buying process.

Take stats from an in-depth blog and format them into a slick infographic. Canva offers plenty of free templates you can customize for each platform’s specific size requirements too.

Not every infographic needs to tell a detailed story. One or two interesting statistics, along with a cool sticker or chart, can get the job done. Include a link to the full blog in the posts and you’re golden!

We can find tons of content ideas with BuzzsSumo’s Facebook Content Analyzer. By typing “sustainability” into the search bar and filtering for posts from the last week, we’re presented with plenty of inspiration.

Source: BuzzSumo

2. Condense Blog Posts into Videos

Publishers have latched onto the video trend because video performs well: Digital video penetration is expected to reach 83.8% in the United States by next year. Like content marketing teams, news outlets are also working with minimal resources.

Repurposing blogs into video is one of the easiest things you can do to improve engagement and extend the life of your content. A few still graphics with scrolling or fading captions are all you need to create a video that gets watched and shared.

3. Create a PowerPoint and Upload to SlideShare

Is LinkedIn’s SlideShare a social media site or hosting platform? Who knows! We do know, however, that SlideShare is great for repurposing content for SEO.

Plugging your best blog content into SlideShare, optimizing and analysing keywords for Google, and including your domain can earn you a ton of referral traffic.

When you update your associated blogs for fresh stats, make a point to go back and update your SlideShare info too – or upload a whole new slideshow!

4. Submit to Guest Blogging Sites

Some sites require 100% original guest blogs, but others don’t. Medium is always an excellent platform for reaching audiences we normally wouldn’t interact with on Facebook or Twitter. Plus, Medium works for literally any industry.

It’s also worthwhile to do some research into your specific industry’s guest blogging sites.

5. Expand Your Topic for an eBook

eBooks are easier to make than most people realize – especially if you’ve been writing about the same topic for years and have a bunch of content in your arsenal.

Microsoft Word and Canva both offer awesome customizable eBook templates, so you don’t even have to worry about hiring a designer.

6. Turn Each List Item into a Full Blog Post

Lists tend to perform better than most other types of content (like questions or how-tos). When repurposing content comes up, look to your list-based blogs for inspiration.

If you have a list blog that performed especially well, you could give each of the list items its own blog post. If you’re not up for the challenge of writing, use each list item to create a unique graphic for Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest.

By typing the general keyword “pets” into BuzzSumo’s Content Analyzer, we can see that lists tend to earn way more engagement than other types of posts like questions or how-tos.

Source: BuzzSumo

7. Invite an Expert on a Podcast

Podcasts are super popular: 64% of B2Bs say they enjoy listening to podcasts during their research phase. Audio content is highly engaging: to learn more, read our guide on why audio content matters.

Take advantage of that by expanding your best-performing blogs into podcasts. If you included a quote from someone in your blog, reach out and ask them to record a show.

Adding an expert or colleague will expand your potential audience while adding credibility to your content.

BuzzSumo can also help you find influencers. When we type “pets” into the search bar, we can see plenty of Twitter influencers. Notice that some of the top influencer accounts are animals! They might work well for a video feature instead of a podcast, huh?

Source: BuzzSumo

Find Your Next Big Thing for Repurposing Content Now

Brands around the world trust BuzzSumo to help them find the latest trends and hottest topics. From blog content discovery and trending Facebook topics to Twitter influencers and research, BuzzSumo makes it easy to plan and execute your content.

Try BuzzSumo’s Content Discovery tool for free right now to uncover real-time ideas for repurposing content!

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