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Updated September 26th 2023

BuzzSumo’s Bigger And Better Chrome Extension: Analyze As You Browse, Read, Google, Tweet…

Get The Latest BuzzSumo Chrome Extension

BuzzSumo indexes over 8 billion pieces of content and 300 trillion engagements – the world’s largest bank of social performance data.

And BuzzSumo’s Chrome Extension lets you tap into that world from inside your browser. 

Our V1 Chrome Extension was loved by 50,000+ marketers, but now it’s bigger and better than ever with a shiny new V2 update.

If you’re looking for an extension that helps you build links, analyze social media engagement, and monitor 40+ marketing metrics, then you’ve come to the right place.


How do you install the Chrome Extension?

Is BuzzSumo’s Chrome Extension free?

What’s new in BuzzSumo’s Chrome Extension?

How can you use the Chrome Extension?

What are the benefits of using the Chrome Extension?

How do you install the Chrome Extension?

  1. Install the extension from the Chrome Extension store
  2. Make sure that you are registered with BuzzSumo and logged in
  3. Pin BuzzSumo’s extension to your browser
  4. On any piece of content, post, channel, or social profile that we track, just click the BuzzSumo Chrome Extension 

That’s it – immediate analysis at your fingertips!

Is BuzzSumo’s Chrome Extension free?

If you sign up for a trial you’ll get 30 days’ access to the Chrome Extension completely free.

After that, your access to BuzzSumo’s Chrome Extension will depend on your plan.

Check out the pricing and plans page for more information.

What’s new in BuzzSumo’s Chrome Extension?

With BuzzSumo’s latest version of the Chrome Extension, you can go beyond analyzing just blog content. 

Now you can measure performance across:

  • The SERPs
  • Blogs and articles
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Facebook

Let’s dive into each area.

Analyze blogs on the go

Available on: All plans

The Chrome Extension auto-populates content performance metrics with every new blog URL you visit.

It’s a crucial tool for informing your competitor, content marketing, and digital PR strategies on the go.

At a click, you can get a full year’s performance breakdown of the content you’re viewing.

The extension surfaces key performance data from BuzzSumo’s Content Analyzer, including:

  • Total engagement
  • Facebook engagement
  • Twitter engagement
  • Pinterest engagement
  • Reddit engagement
  • Evergreen score

It also shows you…

  • Backlinks

And the accompanying links and engagement that those backlinks have achieved, so that you can spot your top mentions.

Plus, it gives you the ability to jump into BuzzSumo for deeper-dive backlink analysis…

  • Top Twitter sharers – NEW ✨

In our newest version of BuzzSumo’s Chrome Extension you can now see which VIPs have been sharing content, while you read. 

To get a true idea of their reach and influence just hit “Details” for their Twitter profile and article statistics.

Or select “Show more sharers” button…

To see a full Top Sharers Report back in the BuzzSumo app.

Domain analysis – NEW ✨

  • Engagement over time
  • Content published over time

Understand a website’s publishing cadence, and benchmark a blog’s engagement against the website’s total content engagement. 

This way you’ll know whether a blog is overperforming, underperforming, or sitting somewhere in between.

  • Average engagement by network
  • Average engagement by day

Dig deeper into the distribution strategy of the site behind the blog. 

Know which platform it gets engagement from, and when its content is most likely to build traction throughout the week.

See engagement data in the SERPs – NEW ✨

Available on: Select plans – see pricing and plans

It’s easy to view content metrics in isolation, and miss out on the full story.

BuzzSumo’s new Chrome Extension helps you analyze three of the most crucial content performance metrics in tandem:

Links, shares, and rankings.

Search engines aren’t fool-proof.

Sometimes top ranking content has zero engagements, and earns only passive links.

Sometimes it doesn’t even gain much in the way of traffic!

If you don’t have other engagement data, ordinarily you might base your content decisions on these top ranking blogs, and discount those beyond position 2.

But what if the lower ranking content is actually… better? 😱

BuzzSumo’s new extension lets you cross-check top-ranking content on search engines with links and shares data. 

That way you can spot the blogs that are most likely to have engaged your audience.

See TikTok metrics and trends directly on profiles or videos – NEW ✨

Available on: Select plans – see pricing and plans

The Chrome Extension now enables you to research TikTok influencers on the platform, based on their profile and video engagement.

On the profile-level, find out:

  • Account name
  • Bio information
  • Bio links
  • Videos posted
  • Follower count
  • Following count
  • Likes
  • Likes trended over the past month
  • Comments trended over the past month
  • Shares trended over the past month
  • Plays trended over the past month

And to dive into engagement peaks in any trend chart, simply-click into it.

On the video-level, discover a post’s:

  • Description
  • Hashtags
  • Publish date
  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Plays
  • Shares

… and scroll through a feed of videos that have used the same hashtag.

Assess YouTube videos and channels – NEW ✨

The new Chrome Extension lets you discover all of the metrics behind YouTube channels and videos.

See a channel’s:

  • Description
  • Subscribers
  • Total views
  • Categories

And a video’s:

  • Total views
  • Total likes
  • Total comments
  • Total engagement
  • Reddit engagement
  • Twitter engagement
  • Facebook engagement
  • Pinterest engagement
  • Evergreen scores
  • Embedded locations
  • Top Twitter sharers
  • Backlinks

Dissect journalist and influencer engagement on Twitter – NEW ✨

Available on: Select plans – see pricing and plans

This feature is perfect for thought-leader and journalist research. 

Not only can you understand the power they wield in their network, you can also unpick the success of the content they create.

You’ll see how their content influences and engages over time…

And discover the content behind the peaks, simply by clicking into the chart…

Afterwards, you might also want to analyze their distribution plan…

For those we have identified as authors and journalists, you’ll also see ”Related profiles”, which represent both the publications that the journalist writes for, and lookalike authors who write for those same publications.

You’ll also see their most recent articles with engagement metrics appended, and discover related topics, based on the names of Twitter lists they are in and popular hashtags they use …

Monitor the performance of pages and posts on Facebook – NEW ✨

Available on: Select plans – see pricing and plans

Using data from BuzzSumo’s Facebook Page Analyzer, you can now analyze influential Facebook pages. 

Verify influencer engagement, get to grips with your competitors’ social strategies, and check how much awareness collaborators or affiliates could create for your brand.

To explore a page’s top posts and engagement, simply click into the charts to get taken back into the app…

How can you use the Chrome Extension?

There are tons of ways you can use BuzzSumo’s new Chrome Extension, but here are a few examples to give you some inspiration:

Find content that excels in links, shares, and rankings – then top it!

Finding the top piece of content in your niche has never been easier.

Head to the SERPs, and examine the top pages returning for your keyword by hitting the Chrome Extension. 

This will help you go beyond search rankings, to find content that’s truly successful in all areas of engagement. 

Curate the top content in your industry

Content curation is all about discovering top notch content to comment on and share with your network. 

At a click, you can check whether the content you’re viewing is worth sharing with your audience.

Pocket idea-fuelling content to share with your team

BuzzSumo’s Chrome Extension not only lets you spot successful content, it enables you to bank that content and share it with your team via BuzzSumo Projects. 

Add anything you find interesting to a Project for review later. 

Bookmark engaging articles to share in content strategy meetings, and save Journalists who should know your brand. Think of it as Pinterest for professionals 😉 

Analyze the quality of potential partners

From influencers, journalists, and affiliates right through to guest bloggers, assess who has the ability to generate strong engagement on your behalf.

Research journalists to pitch to

Found a journalist on Twitter? Read some chef’s-kiss-content 👩‍🍳😘👌✨ and want to get to know the author? 

BuzzSumo’s Chrome Extension is there to give you the knowledge you need to connect. 

Build your network of like-minded people

Find and connect with content creators just like you, using “Related profiles” on the Twitter part of the extension.

Monitor the development of trending stories

Keep tabs on viral content, understand the anatomy of a trend, and build a formula for your own success. 

Audit your performance

See how traction is building around your own content and profiles with regular, seamless, and speedy check-ins. 

Get the measure of your competitors in an instant

Explore backlinks, social shares, and influencer insights that auto-update as you browse, to see just how successful your competitors really are.

Find your fans

From blog backlinks and top sharers, to YouTube embeds, find the people that are advocating for you online, and push more content their way. 

Nurture those relationships and create fans for life.

Flag negative press and activate crisis comms

A major tech company uses BuzzSumo and the Chrome Extension across their business to decentralize crisis comms. 

If a negative news story is snowballing, employees are tasked with checking whether the content has exceeded a specific engagement threshold using the Chrome Extension. 

If it has, they sound the alarm internally and escalate the issue to activate their crisis management strategy.

What are the benefits of using the Chrome Extension?

Save tons of time on content research

Inform your content strategy on an ongoing basis, in a single click.

Avoid tab fatigue

There you are, sifting through your emails, trying your best to make it to inbox zero – but interesting articles and campaign ideas keep catching your eye. 

You open them and think: I must come back to that later. 

What actually happens: those tabs, or tab groups, or reading lists stay open for weeks, until you can’t bear it anymore and close them all forever. 

It doesn’t have to be that way! 

BuzzSumo’s Chrome Extension not only helps you spot successful content, it lets you bank that content and share it with your team via BuzzSumo Projects. 

Data that follows you wherever you want to go

Reading tweets? Get the real story on how engaged an influencer’s audience actually is with average retweet metrics.

Watching YouTube videos? Dissect a creator’s reach by diving into their share counts.

Googling your focus keyword? See how the top players size up beyond search.

Reduce clutter, analyze on the go, and build content, PR, and influencer research into your daily workflow.

Access 40+ data points and metrics

Get a holistic view of engagement with access to as many metrics as your strategy requires.

Analyze performance across 6+ platforms

From brand blogs to Facebook pages, wherever your strategy takes you BuzzSumo’s Chrome Extension won’t be far behind.

Find untapped opportunities

Assess the impact of content on the spot – is it a real opportunity, or has it never made it past the creator’s inner circle?

Is this new industry trade publication gaining traction or has nobody linked back to it… ever? 

Is there a new influencer or journalist opportunity in the piece you're reading now?

See who shared it, and find out.

Get the freshest insights 

Whatever content you search, BuzzSumo will discover fresh performance metrics – even if they’re not already tracked. 

Using the Chrome Extension triggers BuzzSumo to index the content and influencers you want to see, and expands the BuzzSumo universe.

If we didn’t have it, well we do now 😉

Get data that’s consistent

When you trigger indexing in BuzzSumo’s Chrome Extension, these updates are also reflected across the app.

We always show the same metrics in all areas for data consistency.

Let the data do the talking

Sometimes you consume a piece of content and think “Wow, that’s great”, or maybe “Wow… that’s not so great”. 

But your gut instinct may not always match the consensus. 

Let the data do the talking.

Analyze while you read, and understand what makes a piece of content truly successful.

Informing your content, finding journalists, researching competitors, and staying ahead of trends just got easier. 

If BuzzSumo’s Chrome Extension looks like it could be a good choice for you, head to the app store and download it now. And don’t forget to get your 30-day free trial if you haven’t yet done so.

Happy browsing!

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