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Updated April 1st 2022

How to Grow Your Facebook Page in 2022

With nearly 3 billion users across the world, it’s probably fair to say that, no matter what market your company is in, your leads and customers are on Facebook.

And, yes, this has proven true even for B2B.

So, it should go without saying that your company needs a presence on Facebook

The question is, how do you set yourself up for success? How can you create the most shared articles on Facebook?

5 steps to grow your Facebook page in 2022

It’s going to take some work, but if you understand which goals are most important for Facebook marketing in 2022, you’ll have a much easier time turning the world’s most popular social media platform into your new favorite lead-generation channel.

Here are the five goals to set for your business this year.

1. Stay committed to regularly posting

Companies that regularly create the most shared articles on Facebook and enjoy the revenues that kind of success can create all have one thing in common: they post regularly.

Fortunately, that doesn’t mean dozens of times a day.

According to Facebook-authority, Louise Myers, “At a minimum, you should post to your Facebook Pages 3 times per week.”

That’s doable, right?

Better still, not everything you share needs to be original content from your company’s website. In the next section, I’ll share a super-easy tip for making even more of the content you’ve already created.

For now, one simple way to meet that three-day-a-week goal is with curated content. In short, this means that you can share other companies’ posts with your audience (obviously, provided it’s not from a competitor).

That said, don’t just share the link and call it a day. Add your own two cents, as well. This way, you’re not just sharing valuable content with your audience, you’re still keeping yourself in the picture. If you can find a way to add some extra value to the article by adding it to your post, even better.

Keep in mind, you can use BuzzSumo to find the most shared articles on Facebook specific to your industry. This will give you a better idea of which topics will get the most engagement from your audience.

2. Start investing in video

I posted my findings after we reviewed 777 million Facebook posts. One of the most important insights was that videos are easily the most effective form of content on the site.

Again, the good news is that you don’t need to go overboard to create them. The data shows that three-to-five minutes is optimal for Facebook videos.

I would also recommend you thinking about repurposing some old content. As you only need to make your videos a few minutes, you can even use them to introduce some of your older blog posts, what they have to offer your followers, and why that impact is so important. Then, link back to the specific post for some added traffic.

3. Focus on segmentation for your ads

If you’re using Facebook to market your company, you should definitely be using Facebook Ads.

However, far too many companies have been happy with bare-minimum results from this investment.

That stops this year.

No more running the same ad over and over, even if it’s been “successful” in the past.

In 2022, you need to do some experimenting and create separate segments, so your ads are hyper-focused on leads and customers based on their previous actions.

Check out Hootsuites comprehensive guide on creating custom Facebook audiences.

Here are some audiences you should definitely target

  • All of your Website visitors
  • Website visitors of a certain page on your website or category of pages
  • Website visitors of people who have spent a certain time on your site
  • People who have viewed more than 10 seconds (or maybe 25% or 50%) of your videos or a group of videos
  • All of your email subscribers
  • Customers (either by email or by the Purchase Standard Event)
  • Customers who have purchased multiple times from you
  • People who have engaged with your Facebook Page

Target as many of these verticals that apply, including specific audiences within each one, so you’re no longer casting a wide net. Instead, your ads are laser-focused.

4. Tailor your content to what you know is working best

When Buffer teamed with us to analyze 777,367,063 Facebook posts, they made two important discoveries about what users seem to like best from content:

  • The most common reactions to top Facebook video posts are LOVE and HAHA
  • Inspirational, funny, and practical content generates the most engagement

Let that serve as a foundation to help you create the most shared articles on Facebook for your market. No matter what the topic is, try to find a way you can position it as inspirational, humorous, or practical. Remember, you can use your actual post to reframe the context around another company’s article.

For example, if I shared that Buffer post, I might highlight a success story I enjoyed from using the insights in that article. Now, it’s even more inspirational.

5. Conduct regular audits of your results

Finally, every few months, go back to see which of your posts did best on Facebook. At first, it might simply be when you repost some of the most shared articles on Facebook. That’s fine. Keep engagement going by using our Facebook influencer tool to keep tabs on what is working best across your industry.

At the same time, take cues from their success – as well as your own – so your editorial calendar reflects what’s working best with your market.

Keep in mind that every industry is going to be different, as well. So, while the goals above should give you confidence in your initial direction, you’ll most likely need to make some minor adjustments here and there. Maybe your market loves funny posts more than inspirational ones. Perhaps, they want more than three posts a week.

Whatever the case, regular reviews will show you how to proceed.

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