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Published July 22nd 2019

How To Find Inspiration For Interactive Content With BuzzSumo

It takes an impressive skill set to be successful as a content marketer these days.

Everything from copywriting chops to an eye for formatting to command over the latest-and-greatest platforms is required to consistently create content that wins over your market again and again.

One skill that is especially important is knowing how to effectively conduct content discovery, the process by which you look at what’s already working in your market, so you can do something similar.

Right now, it’s never been more important that marketers understand how to do this to create the best possible interactive content.

Why Interactive Has Become a Vital Investment

Online content can have a number of different jobs, but it can’t accomplish any of them without first achieving the most important goal of all: engagement.

Even a keyword-optimized blog that attracts traffic isn’t successful unless it can also keep that traffic on the site, so it may eventually benefit your bottom line.

That’s why interactive content has become one of the most important types marketers can publish. Its name says it all. Interactive content requires active engagement from website visitors. Even better, those visitors often go on to share the interactive content with others, spreading it far and wide without any further investment from the marketer who created it.

Furthermore, the demand is growing.

The co-founder and CEO of Killer Infographics, Amy Balliett, has described the value of interactive content by saying it, “…could yield huge advances for your marketing efforts. With more and more consumers demanding a personalized experience, interactive content offers up the perfect way to keep them engaged.”

Of course, creating interactive content takes a little work. In order to enjoy these kinds of results, you need a content discovery process that will show you what works best in your industry.

How to Use BuzzSumo for Interactive Content Discovery

Fortunately, our platform is synonymous with content discovery. All it takes is a couple of additional steps, and you’ll have no problem using BuzzSumo to find the best interactive content for your site.

1. Begin with Topic Research

The first step to creating interactive posts is the same in any content-discovery process: you need to consider what topics are already working best with your audience.

With BuzzSumo, it’s as simple as submitting one of your proven keywords to our Content Analysis tool.

For example, if you’re a financial planner, keywords around “retirement” are probably extremely relevant for your online presence. Here’s what our tool would show as your most popular types of content:

Obviously, this keyword is great for engagement. You have a lot of different topic and content ideas to choose from too.

2. Add an “Interactive Term” to Your Search

We’re after interactive content, though.

So, our next step is to take this winning keyword and add an “interactive term” to it. These are any of the main types of interactive content, like:

  • Assessments
  • Calculators
  • Interactive Infographics
  • Interactive Videos
  • Polls
  • Quizzes
  • Sliders
  • Surveys
  • Timelines

You can also simply add “interactive” to any search to explore your options further.

For this example, “calculator” seems like a good bet, given that we’re talking about finances. We’ll also remove “planning.” When you add interactive keywords, it’s often best to start with the most basic of keywords, and then add to it if necessary.

So, “retirement calculator” gives us these results:

Those are some big engagement numbers.

Even better, because it’s interactive content, that engagement represents real value to the potential customer, too. They’re most likely not clicking back right away, as is often the case when a website visitor realizes the blog post they click on isn’t a good fit.

Instead, leads probably use those retirement calculators to become more informed and, as a result, more confident about a potential buying decision in the near future.

3. Look for Low-Competition Opportunities

Another aspect of content discovery that’s very relevant here is finding ideas that are very interesting to our markets but don’t yet face a lot of competition.

So, while creating a “retirement calculator” may be a good idea, those clearly already exist. Instead, maybe you’d want to create a “retire early calculator”, designed solely for people in their 20s and 30s who are planning for an early retirement.

That topic also has a lot of interest:

And, yet, there doesn’t seem to be any real competition for a calculator to serve this interest:

Given how many people are interested in retiring early, do you think a calculator would be popular if it focused solely on challenges specific to their 20s and 30s?

Do you think people would share it with their friends and family?

It sounds like a pretty safe bet for some viral, interactive content.

4. Get Creative

Depending on your industry, you might feel at a loss for what kind of interactive content would work best for your potential customers.

First, if it applies, we do have a “B2B” filter that will make it much easier for those of you who operate in that field.

Second, get creative!

Your interactive content doesn’t necessarily need to be about exactly what your company does. As long as it is relevant to your market, you’ll find plenty of views and free shares.

Here’s an example from the “Queen of Online Quizzes”,

A lot of Wisconsinites really loved this quiz, helping it earn more than 40,000 backlinks.

If you had a company based in Wisconsin, that would be very valuable engagement. Even if the majority of the people who share it aren’t in your market, your company would still get in front of many potential prospects.

So, whether you run a law firm, restaurant, or yoga studio, you earned a ton of publicity just by thinking about your market’s other interests.

Turning Your Content Discovery Toward Interactive Ideas

As I mentioned earlier, the demand for interactive content is only growing.

That growing demand is why you should continue focusing much of your content discovery efforts on finding the kinds of interactive experiences that will not just attract your market, but keep them engaged.

What could be more important?

If you’d like to get started doing this right away, we’d love to help. Try out BuzzSumo for seven days – for free – and you can immediately begin finding the best interactive examples to inspire your own.

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