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Published February 17th 2020

Who Are The Top 9 Undiscovered YouTubers In Winter 2019-20?

YouTubing has to be one of the coolest careers out there! So I've used BuzzSumo to create a definitive list of YouTube's hottest influencers right now.

I love YouTube. From fail videos, to vlogs and listicle videos, I could waste my whole life on the platform.

Of course we all subscribe to our favorites. And it’s harder than ever to stick out on the platform. So today I thought we could cover the hottest ‘undiscovered’ YouTuber influencers right now.

I used BuzzSumo to do this, sorting by relevancy, and growth of subscribers over 2019. I’ve also popped in a few honorable mentions, so I’m sure there will be something you like!

Here’s the list, counting down from 9-1:

9. imactuallygia

This STAN won the hearts, and subs over last year reviewing the hottest bands, and solo artists. Much to her fan’s delight, with 20.1K subs last year.

8. Lauren Messiah

Personal stylist Lauren Messiah, makes the list with 80K subs in 2019. Her twist on cheap tricks to make your style look more expensive, is winning the crowds over, and even had her win Google’s women to watch.

Over 61 videos, she has around 3.2K average views a video.

7. CoolGuyKai

With 335K subs last year, CoolGuyKai grabs the seventh spot for YouTube influencers in 2019. His videos chronicle his female to male transition journey.

Over 64 videos, he has 46K average views a video. That’s pretty good!

6. uppercaseCHASE1

Chase used to make videos based on his transition period, but now makes videos so we can all learn how to be a better trans ally! Featuring the odd cat, so really it’s a win win.

His top video last year (with 572K views) was actually a review of the really useful STPetite, but it’s a bit NSFW, so I’m linking it here.

He made the list with 455K subs last year, and an average of 17K views over 72 videos.

5. Weston Koury

I think I’m officially just too old now, because I just don’t get this. But that doesn’t mean you won’t!

I think he’s an online culture vlogger, with lots of humor! He had 455K subs last year, and average views of 64K over 12 videos. So all those subscribers can’t be wrong?

4. Stef Sanjati

Canadian vlogger and YouTube personality, Sanjati is known for her transgender education videos, which are aimed at the community and people who want to learn about it. She makes the list with 605K subs.

Her break in 2019, to focus on herself, did affect her subs, loosing 3.7K in 2019 over three months. But her 60K views on average, per video, is great for only 22 uploads!

3. Ava Jules

High-schooler Jules vlogs about lifestyle issues from her home in O’ahu, Hawaii. I swear you’ll be obsessed. She makes the list with 1.2M subs in 2019.

Of 50 videos analyzed, she had an average of 353K views.

2. Corinna Kopf

US based, lifestyle and beauty YouTube inluencer, Kopf, made the list with 1.6M subs in 2019, despite only releasing 8 videos.

But each of those videos maintained good engagement with 1.1M average views.


Honourable mentions

As I’d said in this intro. I love YouTube. But I love accessible YouTube channels the most. So here’s the list of honorable influencers.

1. Lloyd Cafe Cadena

This Pilipino star is the apple of every YouTube binger’s eye. His main channel Lloyd Cafe Cadena attracted 4.5M subscribers with his challenge videos. I’m cheating a tad here, but I’m going to include his Vlogging channel Lloyd Cafe Cadena Vlogs, with another 2.4M subs, this guy is rocking his subscriber growth and makes people feel included.

2. Sophia Carson

Ex Disney star turned pop singer, Sophia Carson, makes the honorable mentions because she was already famous. We’re talking YouTube stars here! Her account was the second more influential in 2019 with 2M subs.

1. Raphael Gomes

Portuguese food, travel and lifestyle vlogger now living in London, England was the most subscribed YouTube influencer in 2019, with 1.9M subs, making him the hottest on this list. He won crowds over with his food challenges, and comparisons. Trust me wish your day goodbye.

Gomes, smashed targets this year with 500K average views per video, and a steady increase of 44.1K sub every three months.

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