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Published September 26th 2023

What You Need To Know About BuzzSumo’s TikTok Influencer Search Tool

By now we all know that TikTok has the ability to create viral trends. 

Its algorithm can turn a niche video into a global sensation literally overnight – we see it every day. 

It’s not just a flash-in-the-pan app: there are 1 billion people consuming endless content. 

And behind that content are influencers leading the charge; from the mega to the micro – even the nano.

The power that influencers wield is no joke. 

They can sway audiences to try your products, advocate for your brand, offer feedback, share recommendations, and even create their own educational brand content (UGC). 

And now, at BuzzSumo, we’re giving you the ability to find the right TikTok influencers to drive your brand forward.

Here’s everything you need to know…

Track down TikTok influencers in your field

BuzzSumo’s TikTok Influencer search helps you zero in on the people making waves in your field.

A simple keyword search brings back thousands of TikTok creators that are generating a big buzz right now in the areas you care about.

This search is prioritized based on the profiles that incorporate your keyword in their bio description and recently used hashtags.

For example, searching “Skincare” will return prominent, global influencers on TikTok that describe their TikTok channel as being skincare related, or tag their content up via a skincare hashtag.

If you want to go beyond bio and hashtag relevancy, you can also prioritize TikTokers by: 

  • Followers
  • Following
  • Likes
  • Video count

From there, you can try out different searches to build your list.

Customer “Problem” based keywords (related to your brand or products) are another great type of search you can do.

For example, niching down from the topic of “Skincare” may lead you to the problem of “Acne”.

This will help you find niche influencers creating authentic, problem-solving videos that your audience trust.

Dig into a TikTok influencers’ ability to create engagement

Compare and rank influencers to outreach, based on their ability to whip up strong engagement.

BuzzSumo’s TikTok Influencer search tool gives you metrics so that you can assess who will help you hit your goals, and introduce you to new audiences.

Are you looking to boost brand awareness? Focus on number of likes and followers.

Do you want to tap into a super engaged community? Pay close attention to an influencers’ following number (the amount of people they follow) and their Diggs (the number of likes they give out to their followers), to find those who reciprocate and actively engage with their audience.

Research the influencers promoting your brand and competitors

A great search to start with on your hunt for TikTok influencers is your own brand name.

This will reveal the TikTok influencers who are already mentioning your brand organically.

For example, a search for SEMrush reveals 26 TikTok influencers, including that of Neil Patel.

This isn’t just a case of influencer discovery, but brand reputation management. 

Are these influencers speaking about your brand positively or negatively? 

Are they the right kind of influencer spreading the right message and information?

Taking stock of your visibility on TikTok will help you carve out the right strategy, and take control of your brand narrative going forward. 

And once you know where you’re headed, you can check out the TikTokers advocating for your competitors, and consider striking up a conversation with them.

Get trending hashtag inspiration

Find inspiration for your own TikTok content, and expand your influencer research using “Recently used hashtags”.

Paying attention to the hashtags most commonly used by influencers with the most engaging videos can help you uncover green field ideas for your own content, but also show you whether an influencer is relevant to your brand right now.

Source TikTokers to seed your PR campaigns

Some TikTok influencers cover stories like a freelance reporter would, while others review products with convincing and authentic UGC content. 

Searching keywords surrounding your next PR campaign topic can help you find influencers to seed your campaign on TikTok, before you take it to press. 

Generating a buzz on TikTok first and foremost can eventually help you pitch “TikTok trend” or “TikTok made me buy it” stories later down the line, that win big press coverage.

Find expert influencers to contribute to your content

Use the TikToK search tool to find subject matter experts that can create authoritative and trustworthy content on your behalf.

Just search their title, and you’ll be met with a list of the most popular and relevant experts.

You can even combine this with a niche topic to get really specific.

For example, the skincare trend of “Slugging” really took off on TikTok this year (a moisturizing technique involving covering the skin in vaseline).

Say you wanted to source an expert’s opinion on a trend, just search for the trend name plus a relevant job title – eg. “Dermatologist” and “Slugging”.

Remember: BuzzSumo’s TikTok influencer database also scans hashtags, so you can find trending subject matter experts in no time.

Save influencers for future outreach

Once you’ve found the right influencers to promote your brand, products, or message, save them to a project.

You can bank the most viable contacts from the TikTok influencer search tool, so you can revisit your priority list and connect with them over time.

The power of TikTok influencers is undeniable. 

With BuzzSumo's new influencer search tool, you can harness that power by finding the right creators to advocate for your brand. 

And if you want to really dig into TikTok content performance trends to inform your own social media strategy, check out BuzzSumo's Chrome Extension which now features TikTok content analysis features.

Do your research, get strategic with keywords and hashtags, dig into engagement metrics, and save top prospects. 

Then, when the time is right, reach out to those nano, micro, or mega influencers who can spread your message far and wide. 

TikTok isn't a passing fad – it's changing marketing forever. 

Don't get left behind – use BuzzSumo to tap into this vital trend and take your brand viral.

Grab your free 30-day trial now.

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