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Published February 20th 2023

The Top 100 Journalists On Reddit [2023]

Journalists amassing engagement on Reddit is a testament to their ability to craft stories, conduct painstaking research, and be part of a wider conversation. 

Reddit is a melting pot of ideas, opinions, and discussions around any topic you can imagine. 

And for that very reason, we wanted to see the journalists that garnered the most engagement on Reddit in 2022. We jumped into BuzzSumo’s archive of 9 billion articles and 300 trillion engagements to get a rundown of the top 100.  

If you’ve ever questioned the power of journalist content, once you see the amount of engagement these stories amassed (on Reddit alone), you’ll never do so again.

Introducing Our Top 10: 

1 Dan Mangan: Politics Reporter for CNBC 

In the top spot we have Dan Mangan. A politics reporter for CNBC whose close coverage of the US election in 2022 landed him a whopping 1,538,828 engagements on Reddit that year. Dan’s most engaged article was Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas temporarily blocks Sen. Graham’s subpoena from Georgia grand jury which was widely shared on the r/politics subreddit with over 8.3 million members. This article alone generated 118,007 engagements!

Follow Dan Magan on Twitter to keep up with his latest work @_DanMangan.

2 Joshua Zitser: Senior News Reporter for Business Insider

In position two is Joshua Zitser, a Senior News Reporter based in Business Insider's London office. In 2022, Joshua’s articles generated 1,057,457 engagements on Reddit with his most engaged article, Raphael Warnock beats Trump pick Herschel Walker in Georgia Senate runoff, NBC projects, being engaged with 120,522 times.

You can find Joshua on Twitter here @mrjoshz.

3 Kevin Breuninger: National Politics Reporter for CNBC

Kevin Breuninger’s coverage of the US election resulted in 980,086 engagements on Reddit over 2022. The article that gained Kevin the most traction on Reddit was around his coverage of the results of the Georgia Senate runoff in December which garnered 128,954 engagements primarily from its presence in the r/news subreddit with 25.8 million members.

Stay updated with Kevin’s Coverage of US politics news by following him on Twitter @KevinWilliamB.

4 Nick Mordowanec: Politics Reporter for Newsweek

Meet Nick Mordowanec, an accomplished politics reporter for Newsweek based in Michigan. With a passion for both domestic and international politics and governmental policies, he has a keen eye for breaking news stories that shape our world. Nick's experience is extensive, having covered a wide range of topics including local, state, and federal government elections.

Over 2022 Nick’s most engaged articles on Reddit covered Vladimir Putin’s Black Belt Revoked by International Taekwondo Organization, with 226,148 Reddit engagements. Nick’s total Reddit engagements hit 569,257 over the course of 2022.

You can find Nick on Twitter here @NickMorodo

5 Joseph Zeballos-Roig: Domestic Policy & Politics Reporter for Semafor

Joseph Zeballos-Roig is a policy reporter based in New York who covers domestic policy, with a particular focus on economics and healthcare. His passion for political and policy debates is grounded in a desire to provide context, and include a range of voices and perspectives in his reporting.

Joseph has covered a broad range of news topics, including politics, campaigns, technology, foreign affairs, race, and domestic policy making.

Throughout 2022 Joseph amassed 487,953 engagements on Reddit across all of his articles. Nearly half of these engagements came from this article ‘The US is moving one step closer to letting Americans file their taxes online for free directly to the IRS, cutting out private companies like TurboTax and H&R Block’.

Follow @josephzeballos on Twitter to keep up with Joseph’s work.

6 Dan Carson: Senior Editor of Chron

Dan Carson is a Senior Editor at Chron, a Houston-based news and media company. With over a decade of experience in journalism, he is an accomplished writer and editor with expertise in a wide range of topics, including sports, entertainment, culture, and current events.

Dan's top Reddit engagement came from his article 'Pregnant Texas woman driving in HOV lane told police her unborn child counted as a passenger'. This article appeared on the r/news and r/nottheonion subreddits with 25.8m and 22.1 million readers respectively. It garnered 252,287 engagements as part of Dan’s total 481,889 for the year.

Check out Dan on Twitter @TheDoctorCarson

7 Allan Smith: Political Reporter for NBC News

Allan Smith is a seasoned political reporter, currently working for NBC News. With years of experience in the field, he has become a respected voice in the world of political journalism.Before joining NBC News, Allan honed his skills as a reporter and writer for various news organizations. He has worked for several publications, including NBC News, Business Insider, and more. 

At NBC News, Allan covers a wide range of political stories, from breaking news to in-depth analysis. He has developed a reputation for his insightful reporting and ability to break stories that others miss. His sources come from all corners of the political spectrum, giving him a unique perspective on the issues that shape our world.

Allan achieved 245,062 Reddit engagements from a single article covering John Fetterman’s victory in the senate election in 2022 and amassed 480,505 engagements on Reddit overall.

Keep up with Allan’s work on Twitter @akarl_smith.

8 Graeme Massie: Reporter & Editor for The Independent

Graeme Massie is a reporter and editor at The Independent, covering US news, tech, and features. Graeme came to The Independent after 15 years as a reporter at Splash News in New York and California. At The Independent, Graeme covers a range of topics, including breaking news, politics, business, and tech.

While covering breaking US politics news, Graeme wrote the article that landed the most Reddit engagement of any article he’d written: ‘FBI were looking for ‘classified nuclear documents’ during search of Trumps Mar-a-Lago home, reports say’. This article amassed a total of 101,900 engagements on Reddit. Graeme’s total Reddit engagements for the year hit 450,702 in 2022

Keep tabs on Graeme’s articles and updates by following him on Twitter @graemekmassie.

9 Alix Culbertson: Political Reporter for Sky News

Alix Culbertson is a political reporter for Sky News, with a wealth of experience in covering important political stories across the UK. Alix has been a journalist for over a decade, covering a range of political topics, including Brexit and its impact on the UK and the EU, the coronavirus pandemic, and the government's response.

Alix’s most engagement on Reddit in 2022 came from her coverage of Liz Truss’ resignation in her article titled ‘Liz Truss resigns - and will become shortest-serving prime minister in British history’. This article was engaged with 203,206 times on Reddit, making Alix’s total Reddit engagements 448,247 in 2022. 

For more information on Alix’s updates and recent stories follow her Twitter @alixclubertso

10 Mark Sherman: Legal Affairs Writer and Reporter For Associated Press

Mark Sherman is a distinguished legal affairs writer and reporter currently working for the Associated Press, a news agency that provides news to thousands of media outlets around the world. With over two decades of experience covering legal issues, Mark is known for his comprehensive and insightful reporting on some of the most important legal cases of our time.

At the Associated Press, Mark focuses on legal issues that impact the United States and the world. He has covered a wide range of legal topics, including the Supreme Court, civil rights, criminal justice, and intellectual property. In 2022 Mark’s article titled ‘Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade; states can ban abortion’ garnered 205,905 Reddit engagements making his total 392,011 for the year. 

Here's where you’ll find Mark on Twitter @shermancourt

Positions 11-100 

We couldn’t stop at just 10, when every one of these journalists got over 100,000 engagements on Reddit last year. Here is the full list of the remaining, incredible writers who made our top 100, including their Twitter handles, and current organizations.

Position Name Total Reddit Engagements Twitter Current Publication
11 Josh Margolin 364532 @JoshMargolin ABC News
12 Juliana Kaplan 346394 @julianamkaplan Business Insider
13 Safia Samee Ali 333825 @safiasameeali NBC News
14 Aaron Katersky 328354 @AaronKatersky ABC News
15 Jim Waterson 277327 @jimwaterson The Guardian
16 Henry J. Gomez 271850 @HenryJGomez NBC News
17 James Purtill 252364 @JamesPurtill ABC Science
18 Kaitlan Collins 240465 @kaitlancollins CNN
19 Rhiannon Mills 235566 @SkyRhiannon Sky News
20 Saja Hindi 202380 @BySajaHindi The Denver Post
21 Lola Duffort 202016 @loladuffort VT Digger
22 Ewan Palmer 201146 @EwanPalmer Newsweek
23 Samantha Bergeson 195212 @sbergrig IndieWire
24 Jon Swaine 194862 @jonswaine Washington Post
25 David Gelles 193069 @dgelles The New York Times
26 Sonia Moghe 192410 @soniamoghe CNN
27 Christina Wilkie 181948 @christinawilkie CNBC
28 Jonathan Vigliotti 181501 @JonVigliotti CBS News
29 Jacob Magid 178583 @JacobMagid The Times of Israel
30 Tom Bateman 175344 @tomb8man Reuters
31 Mark Lungariello 166375 @MarkLungariello Fox News
32 Heather Morrison 161951 @H_Morrison44​​ MassLive News
33 Ed Cara 157527 @edcara4 Gizmodo
34 Avery Hartmans 154997 @averyhartmans Business Insider
35 Annie Nova 154642 @AnnieReporter CNBC
36 Josh Gerstein 154595 @joshgerstein POLITICO
37 David Shepardson 152819 @davidshepardson Reuters
38 Darragh Roche 151219 @darraroche Newsweek
39 Jake Bleiberg 148240 @JZBleiberg Associated Press
40 Brittany Jacob 146307 @BrittanyABC30 ABC30
41 Sean Ingle 144712 @seaningle The Guardian
42 Justin Carter 141483 @JustinCarterTV WSB-TV
43 Hugo Lowell 140487 @hugolowell The Guardian
44 Jeff Cox 135921 @JeffCoxCNBCcom CNBC
45 Brad Dress 133149 @brad_dress The Hill
46 Brendan Cole 130782 @brendanmarkcole Newsweek
47 David Lazarus 130463 @Davidlaz KTLA
48 Moira Warburton 129934 @moirawarburton Reuters
49 Jordan Moreau 127123 @jordanmoreau_ Variety
50 Harry Howard 126581 @howardharry Daily Mail Online
51 Charlie Herbert 126555 @CharlieHerb9 JOE
52 Jennifer Scott 126309 @NifS Sky News
53 Michelle Fox 126165 @MFoxCNBC CNBC Pro
54 Ryan Browne 125700 @Ryan_Browne_ CNBC International
55 Steve Dent 125461 @Stevetdent Engadget
56 Riham Alkousaa 124854 @RihamKousa Reuters
57 Kate Gibson 123862 @CNBCKateGibson CNBC
58 Aimee Picchi 123738 @aimeepicchi CBS
59 Max Walden 123347 @maxwalden_ Election Watch
60 Paul Burton 122632 @paulburt07 7 News Boston
61 Kara Scannell 122527 @KaraScannell CNN
62 Quinn Welsch 121729 @QuinnWelsch The Spokesman - Review
63 Jonathan Stempel 121241 @jonathanstempel Reuters
64 Jared Gans 119810 @Jared_Gans The Hill
65 Rich Mchugh 119744 @RichMcHugh New Nation
66 Jan Murphy 119356 @JanMurphy Penn Live
67 Jason Abbruzzese 119329 @JasonAbbruzzese NBC News Digital
68 Tales Azzoni 117260 @tazzoni AP News
69 Tariq Panja 116639 @tariqpanja New York Times
70 Tom Warren 115933 @tomwarren The Verge
71 Ivana Saric 115743 @ivanas26 Axios
72 Joshua Ceballos 115309 @JoshCeb WLRN Public Media
73 Raf Casert 114642 @rcasert The Associated Press
74 Claire Hao 113958 @clairehao_ San Francisco Chronicle
75 Mike Pearl 112402 @MikeLeePearl Mashable
76 Miranda Green 112118 @greenmiranda Financial Times
77 Natasha Korecki 111544 @natashakorecki NBC News
78 Jessica Dickler 111338 @jdickler CNBC
79 Christian Zilko 111327 @TangledUpInNews IndieWire
80 Etan Vlessing 111168 @etanvlessing Hollywood Reporter
81 Jake Epstein 110620 @byjepstein Insider
82 Sinead Butler 110584 @sineadbutler_ The Independent
83 Jenny Wagnon Courts 110312 @JWagnonCourts ABC News
84 Jim Vertuno 109841 @JimVertuno AP News
85 Deborah Haynes 109217 @haynesdeborah Sky News
86 Antony Thrower 108511 @AntonyThrower86 Daily Mirror
87 Mina Corpuz 108319 @mlcorpuz Mississippi Today
88 Andrew Stanton 108075 @AndrewStanton Newsweek
89 Eric Levitz 108066 @EricLevitz New York Magazine
90 Anna Merlan 108012 @annamerlan Vice
91 Lora Kolodny 107789 @lorakolodny CNBC
92 Molly Taft 107678 @mollytaft Earther
93 Devlin Barrett 107264 @DevlinBarrett Washington Post
94 Jenny Gross 107182 @jggross New York Times
95 Ashley Capoot 107020 @ashleycapoot CNBC
96 Gabriella Borter 106017 @gabriellaborter Reuters
97 Katherine Faulders 105800 @KFaulders ABC News
98 Frédéric Simon 105462 @FredSimonEU EURACTIV
99 Loren Grush 105372 @lorengrush Bloomberg
100 Julia Ainsley 105127 @JuliaEAinsley NBC News

Which publications do the top Reddit journalists write for?

We did a bit more digging into the journalist data we pulled from the Content Analyzer, and discovered the top 20 publications generating the most Reddit engagements.

Are you a budding journalist wanting to replicate the success of the writers you see above? 

If you write for these publications, you're most likely to win big on Reddit.

To create content that drives big engagement, learn from the very best. Just head to BuzzSumo's Journalist Profiles to understand a journalist’s beat, most engaging content, and top publications.


To put this list together, we used BuzzSumo’s Content Analyzer and found the articles and journalists who generated the most engagements on Reddit between January 1st to December 31st 2022. 

Then we dived into the Journalist Profiles in BuzzSumo to research each of our top journalist's: 

  • Twitter page
  • Organization 
  • Recent articles 
  • Topics covered

So, that’s our 2022 top 100 journalist list by Reddit Engagement. 

Want to analyze your articles, track Reddit engagements, social shares, evergreen scores, and more?

 Sign up for a free 30-Day trial with BuzzSumo to gain access to our Content Analyzer and 600K Journalist Pages

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