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Content Factory

The Content Factory is a digital PR agency that specializes in social media and online content marketing - all with a focus on SEO. We caught up with PR Coordinator / Social Media Manager Jason Mye...

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TextMagic is a bulk SMS service for sending notifications, alerts, reminders, confirmations and SMS marketing campaigns to your customers, staff and suppliers. We caught up with their Digital Marketing Manager, Brit Tammeorg, to see how they use BuzzSumo.

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How 99designs use BuzzSumo within their content marketing process

99designs is the worlds #1 marketplace for graphic, logo, web and other design contests.

We caught up with Brea Weinreb to learn how they use BuzzSumo at each step of their content marketing process.

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GetApp’s goal is to help small businesses grow. One of the ways they help is by providing content and research. But on today’s content heavy web, it can be difficult to get content in front of customers, no matter how valuable it is. To overcome there challenge, GetApp works with influencers who ...

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How Integrify curates and creates better content while saving money with BuzzSumo

Mike Raia leads the marketing team for Integrify, a Chicago-based workflow management software provider whose client list includes names like RedBull, Glaxo Smith Kline, and Staples. Part of Mike's strategy for the 12-year old company is to curate highly...

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