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AGY47 are an award winning digital marketing agency working with a range of ambitious businesses that want to grow and maximise the digital opportunities available to them. We caught up with social media and content marketing manager Lisa to he...

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Collins Online Marketing Cuts Content Planning Time by 50% with BuzzSumo

Collins Online Marketing Services, is a marketing strategy and content creation company that serves Fortune 1000 clients. The company specializes in hyper-analyzing industry verticals and company profiles to help them develop unique content that sets their clients apart from all others in their m...

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Digital Marketing Institute

Founded in Dublin, Ireland in 2008, the Digital Marketing Institute is fast becoming the recognised international certification standard for the digital marketing industry. The organisation works closely with global digital i...

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The Tab

Editorial teams at online news publisher The Tab use BuzzSumo’s alerts to make real-time, data-based decisions about which stories to assign to their writers. In doing so, they are solving a problem that plagues many online news publishers -- how to get ...

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ParcelHero is renowned for being an outstanding UK courier and international parcel courier. We caught up with Content and Outreach Manager Heshaam Hague to see how they use BuzzSumo.

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Artios is an artificial intelligence (AI) driven digital marketing agency based in London specialising in content marketing and SEO. We spoke to their data scientist, Andreas Voniatis to explain why and how they use Buzzsumo.

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BuzzSumo for SEO and Digital Agencies

ClickSeed specializes in SEO, audience development, and content marketing services for major online publishers and leading B2B enterprises who seek to drive meaningful business growth through search. We caught up with founder

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Splash Copywriters

Splash Copywriters are experienced copywriters who've worked for some of the UK’s biggest brands, including Sky, Vodafone and Three. 

We caught up with founder

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Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone is a legendary magazine that focuses on music and popular culture. We caught up with Marissa O'Hare, Senior Director of Audience Development at Wenner Media, publisher of Rolling Stone,...

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Towergate Insurance

Towergate Insurance are a specialist insurance broker who cover a huge range of personal possessions and a multitude of business types. The things their customers insure are generally pretty close to their hearts and so Towergate produce content...

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Content Factory

The Content Factory is a digital PR agency that specializes in social media and online content marketing - all with a focus on SEO. We caught up with PR Coordinator / Social Media Manager Jason Mye...

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Volume Nine

Volume Nine is an SEO company located in Denver, Colorado specializing in Core Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Blog Marketing, Influencer Outreach, Social Media Marketing & Content Marketing. We caught up with Director of Off-Site Promotions,...

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