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Video Marketing

Published January 15th 2020

7 Video Content Marketing Strategies From 2020 To Skyrocket Engagement

Engaging video starts with nuanced ideas. The key is to understand your audience, their problems, and even what videos they’ve already seen. From there, these video content strategies can help you reach your ROI goals.

Marketing trends are fun, but most brands can’t risk testing the waters with new video content marketing techniques unless they know it will deliver results.

Deciding whether to use video marketing isn’t a question anymore. 85 percent of people in the US watch online video every day. In Saudi Arabia, China, and Turkey, the figure is even higher: up to 95 percent.

Brands need video content to reach their audience and keep customers engaged. With the strategies below, you can create engaging videos that stand the test of time.

7 Video Content Marketing Strategies to Boost Engagement and ROI in 2020

Instead of committing yourself to every specific strategy on the list, choose the ones that fit best with your brand, goals, and what your audience wants. As always, you can compare your video marketing analytics to track your progress and keep an eye on competitors.

1. Use Video Marketing Insights to Personalize Your Content

81 percent of people say that watching a brand’s video convinced them to complete a purchase. We’re willing to bet that all those videos were super relevant to the person watching them.

By understanding your audience, you can create personalized content optimized for engagement and conversions.

Yes, this means segmenting your audience based on demographics like age, gender, and job title. Yes, it means choosing the best topics. However, it also means:

  • Speaking to your audience in the right tone and voice.
  • Using the right imagery and culture.

The next frontier will be going beyond simple ‘curation’ to personalizing, or individualizing, the actual content itself for different individuals and companies – and doing it in a way that is fully automated, Tyler Lessard, Vidyard.

2. Tell a Story with a Branded Video Content Marketing or Series

What’s the best length for a video?

Well, it depends on the format and platform. 2 minutes is a loose rule for social media – but what happens when you completely break the rules? It can go super well if you have a clever idea and know your audience. Brands like Patagonia are doing just that.

Take advantage of streaming/bingeing culture and create a series that keeps your audience hooked. Even if you stick with a safe length, it’s still worthwhile telling a story in your videos to reduce drop-offs.

Cisco made this video to explain how ransomware works, but it feels more like a Jason Borne thriller.

3. Find the Most Engaging Video Topics for Your Industry (and Add Nuance)

Flashy bells and whistles like 360 video and personalized bingeing aren’t much use without incredible topics.

Let’s say you run a boutique hostel/hotel with a coworking space in Ho Chi Minh, and you want to attract more visitors through video content marketing.

Using the BuzzSumo Question Analyzer, we can see that informational videos about transportation and shopping may perform well. We can also see that people interested in visiting Vietnam also visit Thailand.

BuzzSumo Question Analyzer Video Content Marketing Results

When we type “Vietnam travel” into the Facebook Analyzer and filter for only video posts, we get plenty of ideas for stunning videos and even user-generated content!

Facebook Analyzer Video Content Marketing Results

Source: BuzzSumo

4. Create Interactive Video Content Marketing

Interactive content is here to stay, and social media platforms have gleefully accommodated innovative new features. Like

  • Draggable 360-degree video
  • Polls and quizzes
  • Input forms for collecting leads
  • Branches that lead to other videos or landing pages

Instead of forcing your brand into one type of interactive video, use your video marketing analytics to do some audience research. Choose a format that fits with your brand’s vision and goals as well as what your audience likes.

Toms hit all the right notes here:

5. Include User-Generated Content

Adweek found that 85 percent of consumers find visual user-generated content more influential than brand-created content.

Major brands like Coca Cola (share a Coke), Adobe, and Starbucks have all launched overwhelmingly successful UGC campaigns.

As Kimberlee Morrison writes:

Another stumbling block in the creation of UGC is that consumers feel they aren’t given enough guidelines for creating reviews or other content. More than 50 percent of consumers want some direction, but only 16 percent of brands provide any.

Make sure to give your audience a CTA with some guidelines, so they know what you expect from them.

6. Make Your Videos Accessible (and Searchable)

Everyone uses the internet to watch (and listen) to videos so accessibility matters.

85 percent of people watch videos on Facebook without sound. Not only are subtitles and captions good marketing practices, but they’re also beneficial for the deaf community.

Likewise, your video content marketing scripts should accurately explain or complement what’s happening on the screen.

However, there’s one more reason to take your script seriously: SEO. Why not give Google’s AI bots more material to scan and rank?

7. Bring the Event to Your Online Audience

Event videos make it easy to create a brand awareness ripple effect from your in-person event to a global audience. Just imagine how many events you’ve watched through live Facebook videos or Instagram stories that you couldn’t visit in real life.

You might not have the budget of a multi-camera set-up and editing crew to create a BBC-style live video, but a strategically placed tripod and lighting can get the job done just fine. Event videos are also great to use in blogs and social media posts until the next event rolls around!

Red Bull is a splendid example of a brand using video marketing insights to create event videos that aren’t even related to its product: extreme sports videos.

Find the Best Video Content in Your Industry Now

Engaging video starts with nuanced ideas. The key is to understand your audience, their problems, and even what videos they’ve already seen. From there, the video content strategies above can help you reach your ROI goals.

Start searching for your audience’s favorite video topics now with BuzzSumo. After you narrow down some ideas, you can add a little nuance to the conversation and watch the shares grow. To make things as easy as possible, we’ve got a free seven-day free trial with your name on it – no credit card needed.


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