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Published September 23rd 2019

Introducing The New BuzzSumo: New Tools For Content Marketing Insights

It's an exciting day here at BuzzSumo as we launch our brand new look and feel!

After months of research, design and development, our new look BuzzSumo has been launched into the hands of users across the globe.

Streamlining workflows and easier adoption were front and centre when building the new BuzzSumo, so what exactly has changed?

In this post we explore some of the tweaks we have made to give our users the insights they need as quickly and easily as possible.

Expanded search:

We understand that not everyone knows how to write a detailed boolean query. That shouldn’t stop you from using BuzzSumo. Our new expanded search allows you to get into detailed research by helping you build a detailed search query and ensuring you get precise results without needing to learn boolean.

Saved searches: 

Usability testing showed us that many of you have trouble in finding saved searches. To improve this issue we’ve surfaced your saved searches and you can now easily access these from the brand new landing pages.

Recent searches:

Rewriting the same search query or forgetting to save a complex query can be a pain, so we’ve now stored your most recent searches for you. Simply click into the search bar and there they are.

Topics tool:

Our new Topics tool has had a good reaction since it’s launch in January but we haven’t stopped. As part of our new platform we’ve introduced a detailed topic insights view so you can get a better understanding before taking action.

Question Analyzer improvements:

If you’re interested in particular question type we’ve made it easier for you to find them. Simply enter your search term and then you can select from a range of question types like ‘are’, ‘what’ and ‘when’ questions. We’ll show you the 10 most recently asked questions of that type.

Navigation updates:

During an audit and testing phase which we ran last December we found that our navigation wasn’t the most intuitive, which is why we’ve made some changes.

A new Discover section has been introduced: here’s where you can come for new ideas or to expand a thought that’s bubbling in your mind.

Content is where you find all the top performing content across the web and social as well as backlinks for any url.

Influencers offers you the ability to find those important people in your sector across twitter or facebook and top authors who can help collaborate or amplify your content.

Monitoring is still home to all your alerts and Projects has also remained the same.

Personal trending page:

You’ll now have greater control over the trending content you see. You can still create custom feeds of your own, but you’ll also be able to select from a set of popular feeds which can be switched on and off; so you only see what you’re interested in.

Engagement breakdowns:

Many of you have voiced a desire to see details on what makes up various engagement counts. You’ll now be able to see engagement breakdown on all relevant content (likes, comments, shares and upvotes). We’re also introducing facebook reaction data.

Improved twitter influencer search:

If you’re part of our large or enterprise plans, we’ve made it easier to run detailed influencer searches across Twitter. Search an influencers profile for keywords or domains, search by the content they’ve shared or domains they’ve shared from; you can even combine all three searches!


Filter improvements:

User testing showed us that the labelling and positioning of our filters was causing issues so we’ve been working on making them better. After iterating and more testing filters have now been moved to their new position below the search bar and labels made more consistent across the platform.

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