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Updated February 6th 2023

30+ Marketing & SEO Chrome Extensions That Marketers Are Actually Using

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Chrome extensions are magical little tools that can help you optimize your daily workload to the nth degree.

When I set out researching for this blog, I knew I wanted to write about the best chrome extensions for marketers. But I also wanted it to be more than just a listicle, rehashing the same old plugins.

So, I turned to Brandwatch Consumer Research to explore Twitter conversation from 115k+ marketers that I had first identified using the BuzzSumo Twitter Influencer tool.

My aim was to discover the marketing and SEO chrome extensions that marketers were actually using.

To supplement this research, I also used Twitter's awesome advanced search feature.

I focused only on tweets with engagement from 2019 onwards, and tried to avoid company or content promotion – unless the promotion received overwhelming levels of engagement.

One of the most engaging threads came from Social Media Consultant Matt Navarra – you'll see him pop up regularly throughout this blog (thanks Matt!)

So, in no particular order, here's a list of 30 marketing and SEO chrome extensions you're all loving right now (plus some bonus recommendations).

1. Facebook Pixel Finder

When you set up your Facebook advertising, you're required to add a Facebook pixel to the header section of your website.

This helps Facebook understand the actions taken on your site, for improved ad relevance and personalization.

For the code-averse marketers of this world (guilty!) this can be a bit of a tricky task.

This chrome extension helps you validate your Facebook pixel implementation, and it's a marketer favorite...

2. The BuzzSumo Chrome Extension

BuzzSumo's V1 Chrome Extension was used by 20,000+ marketers, and now we've launched a shiny new version with a whole host of nifty features.

This plugin gives you access to content performance insight as you browse, so you can research on the go.

Context-switching is the bane of marketers lives. But with BuzzSumo's V2 Chrome Extension, you can face tab-fatigue head on, and research while you read.


  • Blogs and articles
  • The SERPs
  • Instagram profiles and posts
  • YouTube channels and videos
  • Twitter profiles
  • Facebook profiles and posts

You can also dive deeper into the data by jumping into the platform, and even bank your favorite articles by saving to a project.

This extension is great for investigating top-ranking SERP content, and dissecting the content strategies of your competitors.

Use it as part of a 10x skyscraper strategy, to find and build upon content that performs best in three key areas; links, shares, and rankings.

The BuzzSumo extension is a firm favorite of marketers and PRs across the Twittersphere...

If you want to find out more about the BuzzSumo Chrome Extension, read our full guide here or watch our speedy walk-throughs below.

Install the BuzzSumo SEO Chrome Extension

  1. Install the extension from the Chrome Extension store
  2. Make sure that you are registered with BuzzSumo and logged in
  3. On any article you’re viewing just click the BuzzSumo Chrome Extension logo
  4. That’s it - immediate analysis at your fingertips!

If you sign up for a trial you’ll get 30-days of searching completely free.

3. Liner

Ever come up with marketing or content ideas while you're reading? I definitely do.

But all too often, when I revisit the article, I can't remember a thing about my lightbulb moment.

This chrome extension ensures that doesn't happen.

It lets you highlight content on any webpage or PDF, make your own notes, and share your highlighted thoughts with others.

4. Web Page Screenshot

Sometimes you just can't fit everything you want to in a static screenshot. This handy extension lets you capture scrolling screenshots and annotate your images, for more thorough documentation in blogs, emails, and social posts.

5. Pocket

Similarly to BuzzSumo's chrome extension, Pocket allows you to save and revisit content you find on the web.

We know how great Pocket is, so we've enabled our customers to save content to Pocket from within BuzzSumo.

6. UTM.lo

You can often find PRs and marketers furiously going back and forth between their content and a UTM link builder, to make sure their campaign performance is being accurately measured in Google Analytics.

This extension enables them to just that, but within one browser tab, as they build their campaign.

7. Treeverse

This chrome extension gives you a cool way to visualize and navigate conversations that are gaining engagement and momentum on Twitter.

Conversations are visualized as a tree, and each branch color represents the period of time passed between each reply.

You can see the key contributors to the conversation via their Twitter photo, and monitor conversations as they grow.

Marketers love this insight...

8. Social share preview

This plugin allows you to check any website's social share previews while you browse.

You can conduct audits of your own content across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest, to know where to focus your optimization efforts.

Nice 😎


I actually installed this one while writing, and it's already working miracles.

I have long been saving URLs to docs, or creating chrome extension tab folders to organize my tabs, but the problem with the former is that it's super easy to ignore, while the latter just allows me to hide things that I don't want to deal with and slows down my browser / internet in the process (master procrastinator over here), so this plugin is awesome.

You simply hit the logo to convert all of your open tabs into a list, and save 95% memory in the process.

10. Hoverify

This SEO chrome extension allows you to dig into the "Inspect" page function, to get a better idea of how sites are structured.

In SEO terms, this means you can take learnings from other sites to improve the user experience of your own website, and even optimize for different devices.

However, unlike nearly all of the marketing and SEO chrome extensions on this list, it isn't free.

Hoverify will set you back $25 – but that's not a bad price for lifetime usage.

11. SEO Pro

SEOs really love this free SEO chrome extension. Created by Kristina Azarenko, it gives you information on the URL you are viewing in your browse, in relation to:

  • On-page SEO elements
  • Canonical links
  • Meta robots status
  • Core web vitals scores
  • Links (internal and external)
  • Images (ie. alt tag information)
  • Heading appearance and counts
  • Schema data

And more!

12. Keywords Everywhere

This freemium SEO chrome extension is a personal fave, and helps you to assess the opportunity and value of a keyword while you search.

Taking keyword data from Google, YouTube, Amazon, and numerous other websites, Keywords Everywhere shows you monthly search volume, CPC, and competition data for not only your chosen search term, but hundreds of others.

It gives you:

  • Related keywords
  • Trend data (up to 5 years)
  • People also search for keywords
  • Long-tail keywords

All native within your Google search, for great keyword ideas on the go.

13. Core SERP Vitals

Another SEO chrome extension that cropped up regularly, the Core SERP Vitals plugin was built to help marketers and SEOs navigate the impending page experience update in June 2021.

This extension shows you Core Web Vitals scores underneath Google results as you search, based on Google's official Chrome User Experience Report.

14. Spark Content Optimizer

This free content and SEO optimization plugin gives you a live audit of the content you view within your browser.

From ranking and (Majestic) backlink reports to usability audits, the Spark Content Optimizer is an all-in-one SEO plugin powerhouse.

15. MOPs PROs Toolbox

Built with Marketo and Adobe Engage customers in mind, this chrome extension tool comes with a bunch of useful marketing features, including

  • A UTM builder
  • An email subject line assistant
  • 50+ links to online tools for simplifying everyday marketing tasks

16. Ryte Structured Data Helper

This SEO chrome extension is all about helping you to validate your schema markup, so that you can prime your content for those elusive SERP features in search engines.

It enables you to markup your page, highlighting to Google your: authors, videos, connections, query answers and so on.

17. GoFullPage

Another extension I am a proud user of, GoFullPage (similarly to Web Page Screenshot) allows you to capture scrolling shots of your browser, and edit all in one go.

18. Video Speed Controller

Marketing is all about creating and consuming engaging content. To learn and get inspired, we often turn to YouTube, but there's never enough time in the day to consume all the content we bookmark.

That's where this extension can help.

Video Speed Controller surfaces the speed features that YouTube usually hides.

Like a remote control, it will allow you to make quick playback speed adjustments, so you can speed through and digest content as fast as Number 5 (and if you don't get this reference, I feel for you and your misspent youth)

19. Inspect Canonical

Nick LeRoy, the SEO expert behind newsletter #SEOforlunch, created this SEO chrome extension to help you check the canonical source of any URL you visit.

With a traffic light system, you can find out whether a canonical tag has been detected, whether it differs from the URL you're visiting, and whether it is indeed the canonical page.

20. Power Thesaurus

A copywriter's best friend, the Power Thesaurus chrome extension enables you to view synonyms and antonyms for any word you select on any page.

21. Detailed SEO Extension

Created by SEO guru Glen Allsopp from Detailed, this plugin is packed with awesome SEO insights which you can access every time you visit a new URL, including:

  • Titles & headings
  • Meta descriptions
  • Meta robots tags
  • Canonical source
  • Keywords
  • Word count
  • Publisher
  • Links
  • Images
  • Schema
  • The ability to perform Google Site Explorer searches
  • The ability to view your current tab in BuzzSumo and other optimization platforms

This extension is a personal favorite of SEO expert Marie Haynes...

22. Podcastle AI

I don't know about you, but I get more emails than I can read every day.

This nifty extension helps you tackle content saturation, by letting you convert your favorite news articles into natural, human speech using machine learning.

Listen to podcasts of the content you've left starred or unread in your inbox, and get other tasks done in the background. You'll be unstoppable.

23. Link to Text Fragment

This is a great speed-to-insight extension that allows you to set up a unique link to a specific section of text on a page.

If you constantly find yourself signposting information in articles upon sharing, then this will be a great time saver for you.

24. Zeo Tools: SEO tool for search updates

A big favorite in the SEO community, Z-Tools helps you track the impact of Google search updates on your web traffic, by plotting Google Search updates on Google Analytics.

It also sends you periodic notifications about how you can improve the SEO ranking of your website.

25. View Rendered Source

This is one for the techy SEOs 🤓

View Rendered Source was built with web developers in mind, but also enables SEO users to understand how a search engine views a web page.

Differences between raw and rendered versions of the page are highlighted line-by-line to show how JavaScript has modified the page when rendering.

26. Paywall Label for Facebook, Twitter & Google

We've all clicked on an article, only to discover it sits behind a paywall. This plugin allows you to add a paywall label to content in Google, Facebook, and Twitter, for your own future reference.

27. GMBspy

If you've ever created a Google My Business page, you'll know how tricky it can be to define the categories of your business.

Categories inform Google's knowledge graph, and can help improve your rankings in local search.

With this SEO chrome extension, you can easily view and export the categories of your top ranking competitors, to dictate your own local search strategy.

28. Remove Breadcrumbs

This extension enables SEOs to remove the breadcrumbs which replace actual URLs in Google, to reveal full and true URLs.

This is especially useful for you if you ever perform Google site searches to identify strange URLs appearing in the SERPs.

29. Lighthouse

This is Google's official SEO chrome extension for auditing webpages in accordance with core web vitals, and the page experience update (June 2021).

It enables you to generate a report on:

  • Performance
  • Accessibility
  • Best practices
  • SEO

30. Emoji Keyboard

This plugin lets you quickly access a range of emojis to use in your social posts and emails. Although, if you're a Windows user, you can access emojis simply by clicking the windows button and "+ ."

I hope you've found some brilliant tools in this list to help you optimize your workflow and boost productivity.

If you want to use numerous plugins, why not try creating a few different user profiles on Chrome to avoid extension overkill?

And if you're keen to download the BuzzSumo chrome extension, get your free 30-day trial here to make the most of it.

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