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  • Write relevant pitches, faster with our AI pitching tool 
  • Discover, pitch, outreach, and report all in one place

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Founder & CEO, SparkToro Rand Fishkin
“I can search for terms/phrases and quickly identify content that’s performing well in a niche or with an audience.”
Portrait photo of David White, a white man, smiling and looking down, away from the camera.
Founder, Connective3 David White
“Whatever technology you have fuelling the engine of BuzzSumo seems to be better than most others. It can pick up new links a lot quicker than other link index tools or manual searches. For us, that’s absolutely crucial.”

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Portrait photo of Kostas Petrou, smiling towards the camera with a turquoise background behind him.
Co-Founder, Story & Search Kostas Petrou
“I fell in love with BuzzSumo. It was the missing link I’d been looking for. I use it religiously, every single day. The result we’re aiming for is top tier press coverage – not just UK, but global coverage – across some of the largest publications in the world, and BuzzSumo is absolutely pivotal to us achieving that. Without BuzzSumo, we would struggle.”

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Portrait photo of Erika Heald, a white woman, smiling towards the camera.
Content Marketing Consultant, Erika Heald Marketing Erika Heald
“What I love is that I’m able to use data, thanks to BuzzSumo, to help people gain a lot better understanding of who their audience is, and where they’re actually engaging with content.”

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