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Published March 24th 2023

16 Benefits Of Using BuzzSumo To Power Your PR and Marketing

Why should you invest in BuzzSumo?

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BuzzSumo has been helping PRs and content marketers hit strategic home-runs since 2014, and there’s a reason why it’s still one of the most loved tools out there. 

In fact, there’s many. 

Of course we're biased, we think everyone should use BuzzSumo!

But we don't just toot our own horn for the sake of it.

Here are 16 clear reasons our customers choose us 😊 backed up by facts and testimonials…

1. A tool that can be used by every team

BuzzSumo is the swiss army knife of marketing tools, and can be used in teams across the business for a whole host of use cases.

SEO Analyst, BambooHR

“BuzzSumo gets a lot of use both from our SEO/Content Strategy teams and our Copy/Creative teams as well, which is really saying something.”

The Whole Team

“Pretty much everyone in our team uses BuzzSumo. The data team use it quite a lot to help their reporting. The PR team, from the interns and execs, up to the Directors and Heads of PR, all use BuzzSumo for idea gen and research. The Digital Strategy team use BuzzSumo at various different stages. A large percentage of the company are now using BuzzSumo.”

2. Unmatched content and social engagement data

BuzzSumo contains a serious amount of data. 

So much so that other marketing tools rely on our data to power their day to day operations 🤯

Back in 2014, our founders built an indispensable database of content and social media engagement that has yet to be matched by any other competitor.

Breadth Depth
Twitter 8 billion pieces of content
Facebook 3 million new pieces of content every day
Reddit 300 trillion engagements
Pinterest 42 million websites
YouTube 200 million YouTube videos
TikTok 5 year’s worth of content and engagement data
195 countries (ie. the whole world!)
170+ languages
700,000 journalist profiles
500 million forum questions
Trending content updated within 15 minutes

While many rival tools only offer data from one social media platform (ie. Twitter), BuzzSumo gives you six and counting 👀 

But what does this mean for you?

It means you can find and analyze any piece of content you’re looking for, in an instant. 

And if we don’t have your content data, well… we soon will. 

Every time you search a URL we don’t track in the BuzzSumo universe, we set to crawling it.

Carmine Mastropierro

“BuzzSumo has a database that’s almost as big as the Earth’s population. Users can scan billions of datapoints composed of articles, social posts, and more to find meaningful insights.”

"If you invest a lot in content marketing, then you need a tool like BuzzSumo. BuzzSumo is probably the best tool out there to get you accurate social share data, and it's an incredible research tool to find new keywords and topics."

Director of Marketing in Recruitment via Trust Radius

3. Global coverage in multiple languages

Whether you’re monitoring mentions of client campaigns in the global press like Connective3, or managing a communications crisis across countries like Escherman Consultancy, you can trust BuzzSumo to do the heavy lifting.

While other competitor tools lack global data, one of BuzzSumo’s key USPs is that it tracks coverage and content across the globe. 

From the US to Uruguay, we can pick up your content across any country, in 170+ languages.

David White

“We've managed to really scale up our international [coverage] because of BuzzSumo. Because it gives you that level of insight.”

4. The fastest and most thorough Alerts on the market

BuzzSumo Monitoring & Alerts are more comprehensive than Google Alerts, and, according to our customers, more streamlined than Meltwater or Vuelio. 

How’s that for a humble brag? 

Well, there’s more…

But we’ll let our big-name marketing fans do the talking 👀

Watch this clip of Connective3 naming BuzzSumo one of the fastest link index tools in the game

5. Cleaner backlinks and speedier coverage

Another benefit of BuzzSumo – that we often hear about from our users – is how fast and clean our backlink data is compared with our competitors.

In fact, according to a Twitter study carried out by Rise at Seven, they are 3x faster than leading backlink tools.

“One perhaps overlooked feature though is the ability to automate uncovering unlinked brand mentions around the web. This has helped us secure some powerful links in the past.”

Ben via Get App

6.The biggest collection of audience forum questions

It's only when you truly understand your audience that you can create the content they're looking for.

A key benefit of BuzzSumo is that we give users the ability to tap into actual customer questions.

Our Question Analyzer lets you:

  • Dive into 500 million potential customer questions and discussions.
  • Explore 300K+ forums, including Quora, Reddit, Stack Overflow – and even the comment sections of ecommerce sites like Amazon!

AlsoAsked is often listed as an alternative tool, and it’s brilliant for seeing the questions that people are searching on Google.

But for niche topics, nuanced discussions, and extreme detail that you’ll only find in passionate and active communities, BuzzSumo is unmatched.

In fact, you won’t find a direct competitor for this tool.

“What sets BuzzSumo apart is that you can derive content topics based on questions people ask on various forums.” 

Kinzal Jalan,

Freelance writer, The Leap

7. More historical data than competitor tools

BuzzSumo content engagement data can be analyzed as far as five years into the past. 

The majority of our competitor tools can only manage two years of historical data.

With retrospective data you can learn from the past and create future wins 💪

8. Incredibly quick to get going

BuzzSumo is super easy to pick up, meaning you can get going in under two minutes, and hit the ground running with your analysis.

Our customers regularly praise our app for its simple UI and ease of use. 

And we’re constantly plugging away in the background to make sure your BuzzSumo experience only gets easier!

For instance, during sign up we:

  • Automatically create Alerts for your brand
  • Backfill your coverage for 30 days, and
  • Personalize your homepage to the news and data you need to see

Carmine Mastropierro

“BuzzSumo is straightforward. Some tools take months to learn because of how complex they are. Not this one. It has four main features that will blast your marketing game into space”

9. Completely free 30 day trial. No card required.

Prowly. Muck Rack. Vuelio. SEMRush. Mention. Content Studio. Meltwater. What do these tools all have in common? 

Probably quite a few things, but what they don’t have is a 30 day free trial

In fact, a few of those tools don’t have any free trial to speak of, while others limit theirs to seven or 14 days. 

At BuzzSumo, we believe that the process of finding the right tool shouldn’t be forced or rushed.

We want to give our users enough time to get a real feel for our platform.

When you invest in a new tool, you need to know how it will fit into your day to day, whether it matches your use case, and, ultimately, whether it will solve your problems.

What you certainly don’t need while you’re figuring all of that out, is the pressure of a looming payment.

That’s why we give you the chance to get no-holds-barred access to BuzzSumo, completely free of charge for 30 days, and never make you fill in payment details up front.

10. More bang for your buck

BuzzSumo is made up of 14+ tools, with more still to come…

If you have a PR or marketing use case, chances are we’ll have the tools and data to support it.

And with many tools come many competitors… 

Yet none of our rivals offer exactly what we do.

In fact, many of our competitors only compete with one of our 14+ tools, and (if you’ll believe the reviews) we often beat them at their own game!

PLUS those same competitors tend to charge more… for less 🫠

11. We keep things cheaper for longer

Looking for another BuzzSumo benefit? You’ve come to the right place…

Choose us and we’ll help you keep your costs down, with a 20% discount when you buy a yearly subscription.

That’s a bigger annual cost saving than nearly all of our top competitors, including Mention, Ahrefs, Muck Rack, Propel, SEMRush, and Vuelio.

12. Plans to suit all businesses

BuzzSumo offers a bunch of flexible plan options, so you’re bound to find something to suit your needs.

Content marketer at an agency?

Opt for our Content Creation plan, and tap into the full power of the Content Analyzer.

Digital PR or brand builder?

We’ve got a PR & Comms plan just for you, with amped up Alerts and more trending feeds.

Needing a tool for the whole team at a bustling agency?

Our Suite plan gives you even greater access to our PR, content, and influencer features.

Part of an enterprise brand or agency?

Get no-holds-barred access to BuzzSumo with our Enterprise offering.

It’s all possible – take a look at our plans.

13. Real metrics > reach scores

This is one for the PRs.

Have you ever used a tool that gives you a “Reach score” for your coverage?

Usually, this is another way of describing a publication’s overall “Readership”. 

So, if you’re lucky enough to land a mention in an outlet like the New York Times, your “Reach score” will run into the millions. 

Now, PR can be notoriously difficult to report on and attribute value to, so any metric is worthy of consideration, but in this case “Reach scores” are as useful as “Article dates” for measuring the quality of coverage – ie. Not very.

They tell you nothing about the actual eyes on the articles that mention your brand, nor about the relative success of that coverage.

At BuzzSumo we don’t buy into reach metrics. We deal in real data. 

That’s why all of our Alerts come complete with engagement and authority metrics, so you can find your most important and successful mentions in a jiffy! 

14. Offers analysis on-the-go

Our V1 Chrome Extension was loved by 50,000+ marketers, and our V2 Chrome Extension is bigger and better than ever.

With access to 40+ metrics, 6 social media channels, and in-SERP-analysis, you really can take BuzzSumo with you wherever you wander across the web.

Leave it to us to push through up-to-date content engagement data to your web browser. 

It’s BuzzSumo data available wherever you want it. ​

Kari DePhillips

“We love BuzzSumo at TCF — it’s a digital marketing tool we can’t live without. Likewise, the BuzzSumo Chrome Extension is a vital part of our kit. With the browser add-on, there’s no need to go to BuzzSumo’s site to analyze a page. In your browser you’ll be able to see how many times a page has been shared, what pages on that domain are the most successful, and who has shared that particular page.”

15. The fastest trending content in the game

Whether you’re newsjacking, or working on crisis communications, BuzzSumo has the nearest real-time news tracking you’ll find.

Trending content in BuzzSumo is updated in under 15 minutes, and our self-calculated “Trending score” in our Trending Tool shows you the stories snowballing online for any newsbeat you care to track.

"The real-time data is unmatched."

Sarah Hoffman, VP of Media at Flight Agency, via Trust Radius

16. We listen to your feedback and take an “Always on” approach to UX

Talk to any BuzzSumo customer, and they’ll tell you how often BuzzSumo is updating and improving. 

We pay close attention to what our customers need, and are always testing and iterating to deliver a better experience. 

Sarah Hoffman via Trust Radius

“BuzzSumo is continually improving their tools and dashboards every year (we've noticed that their team listens to suggestions and often implements new features based on how our industry is evolving).”

So what are you waiting for?! Grab a 30-day free trial, or check out our plans.

You’ll be in great company. Thousands of switched-on PRs and Marketers use BuzzSumo every day to drive winning strategies. 

If you need more proof, just head to our case studies.

See you soon 😉

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