How To Create High Converting Landing (1)

Increasing your landing page’s conversion rate is one of those tasks that never gets signed off of your marketing team’s Trello board.

While most blog posts discuss landing page optimization, or how to build a high converting landing page focusing on structure and Unique Selling Proposition, I want to focus on how you can increase conversion rates by creating landing pages based on your social media and Google Analytics.

I’m writing this post assuming that you are already executing a content marketing strategy or planning to launch one soon. If not, you really should. Companies utilizing a content marketing strategy generate about 3 times more leads than traditional outbound marketing, but costs 62% less.

So, let’s get to work so can you start generating more quality leads.

More Landing Pages Can Mean 6X More Leads

Most companies don’t use landing pages as an ongoing strategy but as something you …


Are you ever jealous of those blogs or writers whose posts always seem to generate thousands of links, social shares and views, no matter the specific topic or time of day?

While these pieces of content seem to come so easily to those who write them, the fact remains that there is a very long, laborious process toward creating those epic blog posts that seem to generate buzz and exposure for months (and even years).

Vero, one such company that does a great job at writing popular posts, outlined their process for blog content creation on their own site, and these lessons (as well as others found examining blogs like QuickSprout, Buffer, and HubSpot) break down into a few common steps.…


Social media has become a preferred and convenient method of attracting new customers for businesses across a wide variety of verticals. From those in retail to others in IT, the five biggest social media platforms — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest — are still growing, and research indicates that almost three-quarters of all Americans are using at least one of these networks. Not to mention social collectives like reddit and social discover platforms like StumbleUpon are hot on the tails on of these giants as well.…

buzz sumoLots of content marketers entered the ring this year. But who was still standing at the end? Which authors and posts had the most impact on your thinking? Which posts did you share with your colleagues?

We have been analyzing this year’s social data with the help of our new Top Author Report to produce our first league table of the sumos that are making the most buzz. We call them the Buzz Sumos. For no reason.…


Content creation can be a daunting and laborious task. And it’s not just the actual act of writing an article, or designing a slideshow. But also the planning, research, and collaboration. If you work in a large company, or agency, this challenge is amplified 10-fold.

So how do we keep our content creation organized, and remain productive (other than beer and coffee)? I decided to ask 18 content marketing experts to tell us their process, including the tools they use. Here’s how the experts streamline their content creation process:…

Content Marketing Effective for Freelancers

This may not sit well with you, but one time in a MarketingProfs article, I might have (accidentally) said that “back in the day, content marketing was simply called blogging.”

I said it as a way of voicing my concern that content marketing has been with us for years and that there’s basically nothing new about using it as a way to grow your brand online. Some people didn’t enjoy this point of view (judging by the comments).

However, even though I said what I said, the fact is that I still love content marketing. In this day and age, content marketing is simply the new black of online marketing. In other words, if you have a website and you want to promote it (and feel all hip about it), you need yourself some of them content marketing magic!…

5WaystoGrowYourEmailListBuzzsumo2 (1)


In October, SumoMe launched a free 30 day course to help anyone double their email list called Email1K. Each lesson comes from a marketing expert that used a different strategy to grow a large email list. And nearly every expert marketer suggested using BuzzSumo for different reasons.

While BuzzSumo may seem like just a useful search engine for content marketing, there are a number of ways to use it to build your email list. Here are 5 ways you can use BuzzSumo to grow your email list.…


Here, at BuzzSumo we obsess a lot about outreach, and we know a lot of inbound marketers do as well. The benefits of tapping into major influencers and communities is obvious: they help spread your content/brand to a wider audience.

But unless you’re a smooth, charismastic talker, or have many friends in the journalism industry, finding those influencers and convincing them isn’t easy at all.

I decided to interview 15 inbound marketers, and ask them how they develop their outreach strategy, and their 1 greatest outreach challenge. Here is what they had to say:…