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how to create an awesome slideshare
SlideShare has been called the quiet giant of content marketing because it has so much potential yet not many companies take advantage of its 130 million monthly page views.

I wanted to know how to use this quiet giant to move mountains. So I analyzed the top 30 most popular SlideShares from this past year. I found 30 popular SlideShares based off a combination of looking for the top shared SlideShares on Buzzsumo along with the most popular tab on SlideShare.…

Here at BuzzSumo, we’re obsessed with finding ways to convert our leads into customers. We obviously invest time on customer service and educational content, but the most effective method of converting – by far – is through a webinar.

In fact, the conversion rate of webinar attendees to paid customer is a robust 20%.

Even though our product is easy to use, some people just don’t discover all our features (like our Content Alerts) until they attended a webinar. And even when they did use all of the features, our webinar taught them unique use cases they never thought of.

Since webinars are so crucial to converting users, we decided to ask some successful brands like Buffer, Hubspot, and Hootsuite for their secrets to creating compelling webinars. Here are 15 lessons from the best at what they do:


Content formats have a major impact on social sharing. However, this impact varies significantly from area to area. If you are creating content about kitchens or gardens then list posts and images are shared far more than other formats. Whilst if you creating content about carp fishing then videos are shared 100 times more than any other format. I have outlined below how to identify the content formats that work in your industry …


Over the last half decade, content marketing has been credited with PR, image building, SEO capabilities, and customer acquisition, nurturing and loyalty. But attracting venture capital funds? That’s something we rarely hear in the same breath as content marketing.

While internet specific firms have attracted $11.9 billion in VC investment in 2014, content marketing firms have become the new “It” thing in the internet space for VCs. Just three firms – Percolate, Contently and Newscred – accounted for $58 million in VC funding during Q1 of 2014. From content marketing firms, content marketing software, curation platforms and content distribution networks, content is finally not just hot air; it’s big business.…

How To Create High Converting Landing (1)

Increasing your landing page’s conversion rate is one of those tasks that never gets signed off of your marketing team’s Trello board.

While most blog posts discuss landing page optimization, or how to build a high converting landing page focusing on structure and Unique Selling Proposition, I want to focus on how you can increase conversion rates by creating landing pages based on your social media and Google Analytics.

I’m writing this post assuming that you are already executing a content marketing strategy or planning to launch one soon. If not, you really should. Companies utilizing a content marketing strategy generate about 3 times more leads than traditional outbound marketing, but costs 62% less.

So, let’s get to work so can you start generating more quality leads.

More Landing Pages Can Mean 6X More Leads

Most companies don’t use landing pages as an ongoing strategy but as something you …


Are you ever jealous of those blogs or writers whose posts always seem to generate thousands of links, social shares and views, no matter the specific topic or time of day?

While these pieces of content seem to come so easily to those who write them, the fact remains that there is a very long, laborious process toward creating those epic blog posts that seem to generate buzz and exposure for months (and even years).

Vero, one such company that does a great job at writing popular posts, outlined their process for blog content creation on their own site, and these lessons (as well as others found examining blogs like QuickSprout, Buffer, and HubSpot) break down into a few common steps.…