In the last 2 years at BuzzSumo we have crawled and analyzed over 1.6m ‘how to’ posts. The top posts were shared many hundreds of thousands of times. The posts ranged from ‘how to hide your house from Google maps’ and ‘how to paint furniture’ to ‘how to be a great lover’. Interestingly, the best ‘how to’ posts frequently outperformed other content formats so we decided to take a look in more detail.

Why do they work? And how do they work? Let’s look at why ‘how to’ posts are an important part of your content marketing armoury and 3 steps to create the perfect post.…

A big part of a content audit is taking an inventory on your own site to understand what’s performed and why.  Taking a close look at your own site’s content can provide valuable insight into the following:

  • What content has performed well socially?
  • Who shared or linked to the content?
  • What social networks did it perform well on?
  • What content has performed well organically?
  • What keywords are driving sessions?

Armed with this data, you can develop or enhance your current content marketing and promotion strategy.…

In the film “Minority Report” a character called Agatha has knowledge of what is about to happen enabling the PreCrime department to take preventative action before crimes are committed. Agatha is a PreCog, short for for precognition, meaning to know beforehand.

As a content marketer or publisher wouldn’t it be great if you had foreknowledge of the topics and content that will resonate with your audience next week? Such knowledge would allow you to write the perfect piece of content. You would literally be from the future. And that would get you plenty of attention.

We look at how you can become a Content PreCog by tracking emerging content and gaining insights on content trends.…

We analysed over 10 million articles published by the most popular sites on the web during May, to find those with the highest average number of shares per post.

Online publishers have never had to compete so hard for that sought after share. The Guardian isn’t just competing against the BBC. BuzzFeed aren’t alone when it comes to catchy quizzes. Brands are becoming publishers in order to stand out online and sometimes, it’s just a random Tumblr blog that steals the limelight after all.

But which sites typically get the most shares per post?

We thought it’d be interesting to find out. So we analyzed all the posts published by the busiest 2000 sites on the internet during May. That equated to over 10 million articles, videos and images, posted in one month alone. Here’s what we found.

The Most Shared Major Publishers

Let’s start with the biggest, most well …

More and more marketers are joining the inbound marketing revolution and creating a better experience for their customers. But with the growth of content marketing adoption comes another set of challenges. So what are the challenges? HubSpot’s latest research, partnering with BuzzSumo and others, shines a light on how to get ahead of other content marketers.…

Is there a correlation between social shares and inbound links? The question goes to the heart of why people share content and why they link to content.

If people share and link to content for similar reasons then logically you would expect a very strong correlation between shares and links. However, if people share and link for different reasons you would expect to see variations in the correlation for different types of content.

Why does this matter? Understanding why people share and link to content is eessential for both content marketers and SEO teams. Ideally we want to create content that is amplified through both shares and links. My analysis of 10,000 posts suggests that some forms of content are very unlikely to acquire both shares and links.…